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Something that is simultaneously psychedelic and tender.
The electric sitar solo was so psychedelicate that it brought a tear to the eye of the stoner.
by Berzerko March 23, 2007
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An adjective describing the confluence between psychedelic and delicate phenomena.
Don't worry; when you wear this multicolored, glow-in-the-dark, fresh water eel skin headband, you too will look, and feel, psychedelicate.
by Hotbot Transmission June 26, 2011
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A polite word people used to describe themselves when they indulge in activities with a goal to dissociate themselves from reality. It could involve taking drugs, and other body-chemistry altering substances, as well as just engaging in activities which are considered unproductive to keep oneself from facing real-life situations, emotions, and problems.
Example 1:

Pedro: Why don't you get any work done?

Adil: I can't help it. I'm Psychedelicate.

Example 2:

Youssof: He hasn't left his room since his breakup. Won't even talk about it.

Alessio: I bring it up with him, but he keeps saying he's Psychedelicate.
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