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An energy having the nature of spirit; not material.

Spiritual energy includes auras, angels, spirits, etheric beings, astral travel, God, etc.
by RyanTheGod September 07, 2007
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Adj: What people on dating sites describe themselves as because they are afraid that nobody wants to marry an atheist.
Guy: So, do you believe that Jesus is your Lord and Savior and died on the cross to absolve you of all of your sins so that you don't burn in an eternal pit of hellfire for ever and ever and ever?
GirL Um... I'm spiritual.
by Nobody of Consequence February 07, 2005
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A newer word used mostly on the internet to define someones religion. However, because some christians do not believe in religion, they view their personal relationship with Jesus Christ as spiritual.
Religion reminds me of a practice. I'd rather be more spiritual than a robot following the commands of Catholicism.
by Jake May 05, 2005
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