A word used by a lot of people with sub-standard schooling when they mean to say 'bought'
I sold my lung and brought a new car!
by MiddleClassWhiteGuy July 25, 2006
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When challenged to bring it or bring your shit, go to the challenging party and proclaim loudly "brought". Should the party not be wanting to engage in the activity at which they wish to challenge you, then they suffer humiliation from thier peers.
oh you better bring it!

it's already been brought.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 18, 2004
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phrase used after someone says "bring it"
kid 1: "bring it, doughboy"

kid 2: "oh it's brought, motherfucker!"(they fight)
by Matt Home July 14, 2006
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The past tense action of "brought", used commonly as "It's been broughted!"
The hooker had asked me if I wanted to bring the attitude on and I told her, "It has already been broughted."
by DNAGuy November 24, 2020
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the common thoughts of bros and the ability to think similarly to other bros.
"Wow bro, we were just thinking the same thing!"

"Seriously, we just had some broughts..."
by stevebrovito April 14, 2011
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scruples; to have manners;

May also be spelt Brought-upsie

WestIndian/Caribbean in orient - Barbados, WHUT.
Example 1: Child, you ain't got no brought-upsy?

Translation: My Child, have you not any manners?

Example 2: What, you ain't got no brought-upsy?

Translation: I can't believe you're doing that. Were you not taught any manners as a child?
by B-Town Gilly April 20, 2005
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Doing horrible on something to the point of failure. Usually reserved for things that are kind of a big deal.
Friend: "I did horrible on that final"
Me: "I know what you mean, I pretty much brought democracy to it."
by Alex U May 21, 2008
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