Someone who like's their sugar with coffee and cream.
Yo check out those guys getting all intergalactic on that coffee
by BBQ August 31, 2007
Something/someone that's science fictiony but in an obnoxious falshy way
damn those shoes or intergalactic
by wodoctothedocto December 21, 2009

1) A word used to describe conversations in which men and women fail to communicate, not by being from different planets like Mars and Venus, but by being from entirely different galaxies!

2) The way a guy talks when he needs to be beat with the cluestick.

3) The way that all conversations between Harry and Sally were in the film "When Harry Met Sally."

4) The nature of most conversations with Rockzilla.
I f*ckin* still don't understand what you're trying to say to me, Sam Enoka. This conversation is so intergalactic, I may never get it!
by Melissarock January 3, 2006
Means travelling IN SPACE (the space that is black on night) from one galaxy to another.
Intergalactic travelling is impossible with our current technology!
by ALLAY AKBARS October 22, 2015
Adjective: When something is simply amazing and no other words can be used to describe it.
"Intergalactic sense of humor Olivia!"
"Rachael those stickers are just so intergalactic!"
by oliviacyber April 27, 2015
When niggas from outa space start takin' yo dank ass weed.
Those aliens are taking our weed, this is an intergalactic emergency!
by Tum$ February 6, 2014
An nut that is out of this world.
You busted an Intergalactic nut all over my titties.
by Memetimmy June 13, 2018