Means "mind manifesting." It is used to describe the state of consciousness typically experienced while under drugs such as LSD, mushrooms, mescaline and cannabis - consisting of various stages of ego-release and an often startling alteration of perceptions.

This word is also applied to the writings, art, movies and music that are inspired by or that enhance the psychedelic experience.

The term was coined by psychiatrist Humphrey Osmond, MD who was disatisfied with the old term used to describe the experience "psychomimetic" which alluded to the experience replicating psychosis.
I experienced oneness with the universe and discovered God during a psychedelic experience.
by DrAlbertHofmann December 10, 2004
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Any drug which brings about a hallucinogenic, somtimes spiritual trip, such as lsd, or shrooms. Popular drugs of the 60's.
"To fall in hell, or soar angelic, you need a pinch of psychedelic."

-Humphrey Osmond
by Anon April 21, 2005
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A more formal term originally used to describe something that seems inspired by a mind-altering drug, or the effects of the drug itself. Drugs classified as "psychedelic" include marijuana and LSD.

More commonly now, since the age of psychedelia ended in the early-70s, the term is used solely to describe things that seem inspired by or seem to replicate the experience of mind-altering drugs. The term is most often applied to art that utilizes bright colours and bizarre patterns or music that uses strange, non-standard timing signatures, keys, chords, and the like. The term is somewhat synonymous with trippy.
Dude, I was tripping balls last night and it was so psychedelic!

Some of Pink Floyd's music sound really psychedelic.

Most of Andy Warhol's art is really psychedelic.
by Spença B July 19, 2006
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A word that originated in San Francisco, in the 60's Summer of Love movement which also began in The City, it inspired psychedelic rock and drugs, but the word itself is to be used when something is super awesome.
NorCal Hippie: That tiedye shirt you're wearing is hella psychedelic
Tourist: thanks I got it at Haight-Ashbury
by 559 to 916 August 16, 2014
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great music of the 1960s. influenced by ravi shankar, the beatles, elvis, buddah, jesus, drugs, and hippies.

nuggets is a pretty good example of a great psychedelic compilation.
electric prunes is so psychedelic.
by bobby January 7, 2004
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Psychedelics are something you get a spiritual experience and achieve higher beings of consciousness and reach the fourth dimension and astral project.
Homie 1:Yo homie want some PSILOCYBIN MUSHROOMS?

Homie 2: Yes partner, I will indulge in this psychedelic journey with you and achieve Christ consciousness. Let’s take our Psychedelics now!

4 hours later

Homie 1: I just had a intergalactic experience!
by TheCumpDump420 October 11, 2019
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Something that is simultaneously psychedelic and tender.
The electric sitar solo was so psychedelicate that it brought a tear to the eye of the stoner.
by Berzerko March 23, 2007
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