being under the influence of a substance that is extremely altering your mental and/or spiritual state
by McFly August 26, 2003
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being srongly under the affects of LSD or psychedelic mushrooms. this is a superlative of tripping, and a contraction of the phrase "tripping one's balls off". unless someone is new to the drug, or very sensitive to it, at least 5 or 6 hits are necessary to trip balls.
The most beautiful and perfect experiences of my life all happened when I was trippin' balls.
by minghi May 6, 2003
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I don't recommend taking this much acid at once, but if you have nothing to do, well... then, fuck it.

Me and a friend had been talking about the 3 strip grip (a phrase I just made up while typing this) and he was trying to talk me out of gobbling up all my acid, which was around 30 hits. Sorry, buddy. If you want some more you're gonna have to do the driving yourself. I was nervous, but after I put the paper into my mouth and began chewing, the nervousness changed to fear and I was unsure. My trip sitter made a face of complete shock when he saw me eat it. Then he laughed hard at my ridiculousness. I plugged in my amp and fucked around with my guitar for approximately 20 minutes, then the drug started taking effect. Everything around me was changing shape and coming alive, but no more than an eighth of mushrooms would dish out.

The trip was coming on too fast and I knew I wouldn't be able to control myself when I made the transition from "Woah" to "PAZOW". I belted out a quick riff that was catchy to mine ears, recorded it, then got another recorder, pressed play on the first one and pressed record on the second one. I stood up from that crouching position too fast and got really light headed. Everything was lightning fast and I was getting very heavy.

The drums sounded nice with the guitar riff and I felt like I had just made some leeway. But then craziness was around me. My friend was watching "Rugrats", an animated kid's cartoon on Nickelodeon, and Angelica Pickles, a 4-5 year old girl on the show (who's character knows right from wrong) keeps telling these poor babies lies and ugliness. The music they would play in the background when should say something horrible was making me laugh. The acid was kicking in. From that point on, the trip got heavier, and heavier by the second.

I got up to stand in under the ceiling fan but I got really light headed and was forced to stumble and fall. My trip sitter loomed over me asking if I was alright. I wanted to say something along the lines of, "I need some fresh air, maybe I should go outside," but the acid, which was now an hour into manifestation, made my sentence structure flawed and I could barely speak. I ended up saying, "I need air," which caused my buddy to lift me up to my knees and be all like, "Come on, dude. Breath.."

"Get the fuck off of me," I managed to blurt out (in a disdainful tone). "I'm fine. Let go of me!"

"Jesus christ! Fine, I wont help you then.." he said.

"I just feel a bit light headed. I'm good."

My trip sitter asked me how I was feeling overall and I couldn't rightly answer that. I looked up and stared at my ceiling fan for a moment and then my body started twitching uncontrollably. Things from all over the room were being hurled toward me at dodgeball speed, but nothing was hitting me. I couldn't imagine what this day would bring and how my trip would go. I thought about Alice and Wonderland and looked to the ground. Almost concurrently, it would seem, a hole opened up beneath my feet and I had no choice but to fall into it.

This is the point in my trip where everything happened according to what I was reminded of at that moment in time. Falling down that never ending hole made me think of space, then star wars when they blast their ship into hyperspeed. When I thought of this, I was then blasted into hyperspeed and white lines shot upward from all sides and I felt like I was on a rollercoaster. When I thought about this I began looping and twisting in the ether. They say you can never forget you took acid, no matter how confused you become. This rang true for me. Even though everything around me was unreal and obviously not happening, I knew why. I just couldn't control it. I was on another planet about the same distance King Kai's planet is from earth and I talked to creatures that would make you shit your pants if ever you came across one IRL. Some would even mimic my every move.

I lost track of time and reality and my trip sitter almost called 911 because I wouldn't answer him when he asked questions like, "Should I call 911?" and, "Are you alright!?" He told me I was unintelligible for almost 5 hours and he was getting scared. The trip lasted close to 24 hours after the intensity, but it was tolerable.

Overall, I came out of the trip not learning much. To recollect certain instances of my trip is proving quite difficult and many things that happened to me on that faithful night will be forever lost in my warped, but once fragile brain (that is, of course, until I have an intensely powerful flashback, during a family gathering, and collapse under the dinner table in fear).
I was tripping balls after I ate a decent sized portion of that sheet from the festival.
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The state of having an excess of Pokeballs.
I've got so many Pokeballs I don't know what to do with them! I'm fucking tripping balls! Ask Oak!

Bitch be tripping balls!
by Stephen W123 April 1, 2008
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A state of mind where one accepts that reality is no longer present, thoughts no longer make sense and that for the next couple of hours many absurd occurences will take place. It is achieved when the individual surrenders to the madness generated by their brain to the extent where they are almost revelling in it, despite how utterly ridiculous things have become.

The state is brought on by consuming drugs with visually brain-mangling psychedelic effects.

If said with a smile, one can assume the user is in a state of blissful confusion and wonder - but if said with a look of fear, one can assume the user is terrified and extremely paranoid.
<Steve> Dave, you alright?
* Dave is looking around at things with a look of extreme interest and happiness on his face.
<Pete> I'm tripping balls mate!

<Steve> How about you Pete?
* Pete is shuddering, wide-eyed, and looking incredibly sketched out.
<Pete> I'm tripping balls mate...
by Strachanman January 17, 2010
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To smoke a joint or drop a tab, and then stick your leg out into a crowded interesection, interfering with the path of any testicals that may be walking past - thus causing them to fall over.
-Lars sticks his foot out without noticing that a pair of testicals are stampeding across the road. They run into it and fall over, spilling semen everywhere-
by Niggadicks January 6, 2008
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to be in a state of utter panic, disorientation and worry;
freaking out
Max is tripping balls again because that girl never called him back

I'm tripping balls about kiboshing this girl later
by Saashi February 14, 2008
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