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1. A word to describe a rhythm that one likes. Comes from back in the old days, when people would call certain beats in songs "fat," referring to their presance. It's been adopted into slang rather recently, probably in the late 80s.

2. Often made into the backronym of "pretty hot and tempting." This is not what it originally stood for, but things change.

Now considered a major faux pas.
1. Dude, the beat on that song is phat!

2. Check out that phat chick across the floor.

(The proper response to both of these phrases is "fuck off.")
by Spença B May 07, 2007

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1. A dangerous yet crowd-pleasing move utilized while playing guitar in which the player rotates his or her arm at either the elbow or the shoulder, making a circle and strumming the guitar on either the upstroke or the downstroke, depending on the direction of the windmill. There is a high probability of hurting your hand while attempting this move. Invented and popularized by Pete Townshend of The Who, and still a staple of over-the-top rock n' roll today. Extra points if the guitarist cuts their hand and begins to bleed, but continues playing.

2. A breakdance move that involves spinning around on one's upper back or head. Another crowd pleaser.

3. When a guy spins his penis around in an attempt to please women, but this maneuver tends to not be crowd pleasing. It's actually quite creepy.

4. A wind-powered building used to convert wind power into energy, which used to be for grinding grain and such but is now commonly used to generate electricity.

5. A term used to refer to someone with outlandish or wildly romantic ideals, named after the overpassionate Don Quixote.
1. I was at a concert the other day, and the guitarist started windmilling! It was awesome, until he cut his hand, and he bled everywhere, and he was still playing! Then it was fucking nuts!!

2. I was at the club the other day and this one guy totally showed me up when he started windmilling. He got like, nine chicks.

3. Tim finally got a girl back to his room the other day, but then he gave her a windmill and she ran screaming!

4. I was in Holland last week, and I saw a lot of windmills.

5. Johnny's gonna go back to Carissa's house tomorrow and beg her to forgive him. What a fucking windmill!
by Spença B April 19, 2007

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1) British progressive rock band Pink Floyd's ninth studio album. It mainly deals with the absence of former band member Syd Barrett. The album cover features a highly recognizable image of a normal man shaking hands with a man on fire in a movie studio backlot. One of the two Pink Floyd albums to have the text on the spine in the CD version reading from bottom to top, along with Animals. The track listing is as follows:
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V) - (13:40)
2. Welcome to the Machine - (7:31)
3. Have A Cigar - (5:08)
4. Wish You Were Here - (5:34)
5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX) - (12:31)

Probably Pink Floyd's third most famous work, bested only by Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall.

2) A song on the album "Wish You Were Here," notable for it's very distinctive acoustic guitar line.

3) An Incubus song that has nothing to do with the Pink Floyd work, and whose popularity pales in comparison.
1) - Have you heard "Wish You Were Here"?
- Hell yeah! That's one of my favourite albums!

2) - Have you heard "Wish You Were Here"?
- Hell yeah! That's one of my favourie songs!

3) - Have you heard "Wish You Were Here"?
- Hell yeah! That's one of my favourite albums!
- No, the Incubus song.
- Umm...no.
by Spença B July 10, 2006

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Among the cleanest and safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Westwood is famous for Westwood Village, which is a shopping center, and UCLA, the University of California in Los Angeles. Westwood is home to a high amount of Persians and Asians, the latter of which because of its close proximity to UCLA.

The glory days of Westwood and Westwood Village were from the mid-60s to the early-80s, and ended with the shooting of a young UCLA art student in an act of gang violence. There is still the occasional crime here and there, but for the most part Westwood is violence-free.

Westwood is also famous for having one of the biggest traffic problems in Los Angeles, and for having an almost complete lack of available parking. It is also notoriously difficult for businesses to stay in business in Westwood due to high rent.
Person 1: Hey, want to go down to Westwood some time?
Person 2: What's over there?
Person 1: Lots of stuff...y'know, like stores, restaurants, cinemas, theaters...
Person 2: Okay, let's go see a movie or something.
by Spença B May 20, 2006

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A genre of music that combines forms of jazz and classical all under the umbrella of rock. Progressive rock is generally distinguished by its use of nonstandard timings, chords, keys, and effects, as well as utilizing other effects that are not generally found in popular music, like feedback.

A common misconception about progressive rock is that it's nothing more than music to listen to when you get stoned, which is not true. Sure, it may be considered trippy or psychedelic, but by no means was it written by or for stoners. In fact, the level of complexity in some progressive rock songs is surprising.

Another misconception of progressive rock is that it's just noise thrown together to sound vaguely like music. This is also not true, or for most bands at least.

Pink Floyd is generally considered to be the first and best progressive rock band of all time, and is defined by their career during the 70s. Their late-60s career is mostly classified as psychedelic rock, and their late-70s to mid-90s career is generally classified as plain old, uninspired rock, or just total crap.

Some other famous progressive rock bands include Radiohead (post-OK Computer) and Dream Theater.
- Dude I got high last night and listened to Pink Floyd records for like five hours! It's the best hippie music ever!
- Umm...okay. Pink Floyd's progressive rock, not hippie rock, but whatever.
by Spença B July 19, 2006

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A more formal term originally used to describe something that seems inspired by a mind-altering drug, or the effects of the drug itself. Drugs classified as "psychedelic" include marijuana and LSD.

More commonly now, since the age of psychedelia ended in the early-70s, the term is used solely to describe things that seem inspired by or seem to replicate the experience of mind-altering drugs. The term is most often applied to art that utilizes bright colours and bizarre patterns or music that uses strange, non-standard timing signatures, keys, chords, and the like. The term is somewhat synonymous with trippy.
Dude, I was tripping balls last night and it was so psychedelic!

Some of Pink Floyd's music sound really psychedelic.

Most of Andy Warhol's art is really psychedelic.
by Spença B July 19, 2006

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A British progressive rock band that formed in the late 1960s and toured until 1995, albeit with the mid-80s departure of bassist and singer Roger Waters. Despite the nearly 30 year career, most of the band's famous works were released in the 1970s. Their lyrics and sound have been both praised and critisized for being very trippy and unique. It often takes patience to enjoy Pink Floyd music, as many of their songs are very long and slow.

The band has some of the most recognizable logos in music history, including the famous cover of the 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon, the crossed-hammer logo from the 1984 movie version of the album The Wall, and the flying pig from the cover of the 1977 album Animals.

Notable works include Dark Side of the Moon (1973), Wish You Were Here (1975), and The Wall (1979).
- Do you listen to Pink Floyd?
- No, I'd rather listen to fast paced, loud, hard rock 'n roll. Y'know, like Guns 'n Roses or Audioslave.
- Oh, they're good, too.
by Spença B July 10, 2006

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