The fourth dimension is time, as defined by Einstein in regards to the Theories of Relativity. The Spatial dimensions are those of height, length, and depth. The fourth dimension can be related to a hypercube, much as the first dimension is related to a line, the second two lines connected at perpendicual angles to one another, and the third dimension being a cube. The fourth dimension is(sometimes) associated with the space-time continuum.
It is truly inane to travel to a universe that is based only upon the fourth dimension, as that woould include only time, and no being could truly exist.
by John the Redeemer June 12, 2006
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the feeling when you take drugs (Weed, MDMA, LSD, Shrooms) and go to a different dimension
Bro I feel like I just entered the fourth dimension.
by roasted chicken May 2, 2018
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Theory that states and defines the question of why men pop random boners.

The theory states that when you encounter an awkward/random boner in any given time or place, it is solely because in the fourth dimension, a thot is riding you, but in result of the natural phenomenon being in another dimension, you cannot witness this firsthand with your own eyes. The only physical act you feel is having a random boner.

There have been numerous cases of people who believe they can perceive the fourth dimension, that have "witnessed a thot ride them" in a location where no one could gain access to in the real world, such as a house or bedroom.

Other encounters include people stating that these mythical thots riding them "so hard they almost pulled me into another realm of concience and time".
"Man, why do I always pop a random boner in class?"
"Woah man, your out-of-dimension-thot is into that kinky school girl stuff"
"Yeah man, have you ever heard of The Thot Theory of the Fourth Dimension?"
by MushroomTippedHead5000 December 2, 2017
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this is the thot theory of the fourth dimension. Basically every time you pop a random boner, it's actually because a thot is actually riding your dick from the fourth dimension. But we can't see them but they can see us.
Its the thot theory of the fourth dimension
by thesmartestmanonthisflatearth February 13, 2018
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