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The term "Summer of Love" originated with the formation of the Council for the Summer of Love during the spring of 1967 as a response to the convergence of young people on the Haight-Ashbury district. The Council was composed of The Family Dog, The Straight Theatre, The Diggers, The San Francisco Oracle, and approximately twenty-five other people, who sought to alleviate some of the problems anticipated from the influx of people expected during the summer. The Council also assisted the Free Clinic and organized housing, food, sanitation, music and arts, along with maintaining coordination with local churches and other social groups.
Board member: another influx of people coming this year...

Staff: That's the Summer of Love for you!
by CannabisKings April 03, 2019
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In the summer of 1967, the hippie craze in America hit an all time high with The Monterey International Pop Festival (a festival with a number of popular rock artists of the time) and an astronomical amount of teenagers from all around the country flocking the Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, California (with was the nucleus of the hippie/drug culture of the 60's). It was known as the 'beginning of the end' of hippie culture. The summer of love has not happened since; and any people or broadcasting stations that use it just thinks it's catchy.
The Summer of love was riddled with LSD.
by J.T.F. June 21, 2007
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Most usually refers to:

1. The summer of love in San Francisco in 1967, when over 100 000 people converged on the Haight- Ashbury neighbourhood to create a phenomenon of cultural and political revolution. During this time it became the epicenter of the hippie revolution... consisting of free love, psychoactive drugs, sexual freedom, music and free expression. Often considered a social experiment because of the newly emerging lifestyle trends. The term 'psychedelic' is best used to describe the associated atmosphere.

2. The summers of love in the United Kingdom during 1988-89, which saw the exlosion of the acid house movement and the subsequent rave culture. The free warehouse parties, smiley symbol, and the club drug Ecstasy symbolized this summer of love, which is often described as being more hedonistic and indulgent than it's psychedelic counterpart. Although, this summer was partially ruined by the paranoia of the press, who slammed the movement for its use of the word acid: which did not actually refer to the drug LSD, but rather the style of borrowing lyrics, an act referred to as 'acid burning'. However, the press caught the wrong side of this and described the movement as a satanic cult which encouraged the use of drugs- and because of this the once abundant raves faded into the limelight. The term 'second summer of love' has been used to refer to this time.

3. Although it never caught any significant recognition apart from a newspaper article, the alleged 'third summer of love' apparently took place in 2004 - due to the legal loophole which made unprepared magic mushrooms legal to the public. Coverage on the 'third summer of love' was made at Glastonbury, where the festival was fuelled by amongst other things, magic mushrooms. However, the actuality of this summer of love is under much debate, and is probably a pun on the media's behalf.

4. A romance or relationship which can lasts over any specific summer. Sometimes referred to as a 'summer of love' by the couple in question.
'Some people say the next summer of love will take place in 2009 because of the 21 year gap between the two original summers of love, but I remain doubtful there will ever be a summer of love anytime soon :/'

'We met last summer and have been together ever since. It was our summer of love...'
by Firelovesugar May 12, 2009
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In addition to the accurate definition below, the reason that these girls are doing it all lies in the fact that they are completely insecure and so desperate to fit in that they create a transparent, fake way to SEEM unique, separate from those around them, and deep to everyone else. If it were real, and genuine, then they wouldn't advertise it so blantantly to EVERYONE around them. The fact that they broadcast this image is, in itself, evidence of this other motive. It's really just another manifestation of the teenage insecurity/struggle to find oneself and make a certain impression.
You know girls, I feel so connected to you all, in this superior, true understanding of existence way. I sure hope everyone else can't see through our projection! This is really the summer of love.
by Dude, jesus is SO crunk! July 08, 2006
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a really obnoxious phrase, often chanted by a group of girls who feel they are superior to everyone else because they now have boyfriends. the phrase symbolizes how they are convinced their summer is better than everyone elses because they have boyfriends. a common place to hear this phrase would be at a pool party where they can be found chattering and showing off their boyfriends.
"OMFG guys i luv u sooo much! SUMMER OF LOVE!!"
by jesus is crunk July 03, 2006
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1967, the year it all started
it was the summer of love, and i think it's time to bump 'cause the woman took her lovin over me...
by the dude/phoenix April 20, 2006
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