Obviously there is much confusion on here as to what a prep is.... I suppose this is the kind of word that can be defined by where "someone sits" so to speak. However most of the definitions here are from kids in middle class towns who describe the "cool" crowd at their school. Sorry but a kid who wears Ambercrombie and drives a Civic is not a prep. It is a lifestyle. Even if you are very rich you still may not be a prep. Preps are mostly located in lower coastal CT. Parts of Mass., Southampton, and parts of Rhode Island. Most of the kids here have never seen a true prep. The clothes of choice are Brooks Brothers, J.Crew, Burberry, Lacoste and Lily Pultizer. They usually drive BMWS, Volvos, Jeeps or Benzs. They don't wear much make up.
The A&E clad jock in a middle class public school is not a prep. He is just popular

The kid driving a vintage car draped in Polo pulling up to his families equestrian country home is.
by A prep hater August 27, 2004
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Loves beach music - R&B from the 50s and 60s, dances the shag at the Carolina Grand Strand. Ladies wear colorful flats or sandals with leather soles. Summer capris with martini glasses or palm trees and matching sleeveless tops - not low cut. In winter might wear plaid culottes and Christmas tree ornament earrings. Will wear sequined tops with oceanic creatures on them. Guys wear khakis and loafers with no socks. Also very fond of sixties music.
Another summer look for ladies - sleeveless oxfords with belted khaki shorts and flip flops. Very enthusiastic, go to church and join the Junior League or other community service. Big on football and basketball and golf. Will also dance barefoot. 60s flower power also big with the ladies. Love kitchy pocketbooks. Ladies have very big smiles. The flip and the bob are popular hairstyles for ladies. Houses loaded with family antiques.
This preppy girl's favorite brands of the sixties were John Meyer, Ladybug, Villager and Papagallo. She loved the bold prints of Merimekko. And always Lily. She Carolina shagged to "Sixty Minute Man," "Under the Boardwalk," "Ms. Grace," "A Quiet Place," and "My Girl." She danced to the Tams in a former tobacco warehouse, especially "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy."
by sandflea September 16, 2005
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Preppy is a lifestyle, not just a way of dressing. I am a southern prep myself, and this is how I would describe myself and my friends:

We're friendly, polite, and laid-back people. When it comes to fashion, we go for classics: polos, chinos, boat shoes, etc. We like Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, and J. Crew (a huge personal favorite of mine because of their extremely cute cardigans), but we can also shop at stores like Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle. However, when we shop at those places, we pass over the trendy, revealing clothing items and find our good old classics. Our closets are full of bright colors that we like and are easy to mix together. We don't wear makeup and our hair is simple, but pretty. We've been raised to enjoy the outdoors and sports such as tennis, golf, and lacrosse (mostly for the boys). True preps do not walk around with tights clothes and tons of mascara while ridiculing their peers; we preps are way above that, and instead like to try to reach out to everyone and never mind making new friends. A prep has a ready smile (not because we're brainless, but because we're kind and know how good a smile can make someone feel) and is always willing to discuss intelligent matters. (Keep in mind, there are exclusions to the rule. Yes, there are mean preps, and unintelligent preps, but on the whole, we are a good set of people.) True preps do not brag about tacky things like money. We don't feel the need to always have the absolute newest outfit (that's the whole idea of having a wardrobe filled with classics) and we don't over-accessorize, though we do like a simple string of pearls and a headband or ribbon. We wear our clothes for a very long time (until they wear out) and then we are very likely to replace them with something identical, or almost identical. We like to pop our collars, but we can also wear them folded and down. We are upper-middle class or upper class, but it's not a big deal.

Those of you that say preps are mean, slutty people have obviously never met a real prep, and I'm sorry that you have such a negative, skewed image of us. We're really just all-americans, after all.
Ellie smiled at her reflection quickly in the mirror, straightening her crisp, preppy, popped collar and her pretty argyle cardigan on her way out the door.
by Eleanor R. January 27, 2008
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a southern prep: Often will wear the same thing as any other preppy person including polos, pearls, ribbons but will also include many different colors of seersucker (never after Labor Day) and cameo hats for boys often times for their state college of choice. Conservative with a lot of southern pride! Usually don't like "yankees" too much. Might go to a New England school but will probably end up at a school like UVA or UNC (the really smart ones) or another southern school like Bama, Ole Miss, Vandy, Georgia, etc. Will join a fraternity or sorority and be very active members. Many southern preppy families are inter-related. Many of the girls will be Debs and will eventually marry a nice southern gentleman. Most likely have gone hunting before. Will probably have houses either in Mississippi (Biloxi) or Sea Island or other exclusive locales like that. Often like sailing and are part of country clubs. Love southern tradition and are very set in their ways.
Richard is always such the preppy southern gentleman, and he looks so good in his cameo hat and popped collar at the UVA football games.
by Jordan L November 14, 2005
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traditionally, attends a prep school; realistically, sophistocated, classic, stylish, somewhat conservative; optimistically, ridiculous, intelligent, kind; frequently blonde, fairly well-off, spends summers on the Cape; usually can be identified by clothes and car
anything polo, lacoste, burberry, maax, or lilly pulitzer; not really abercrombie; common colors include pink and green, among other pastels; accessories for girls include pearls, bows, sweaters around the neck, collars popped, ribbon belts and large "audrey hepburn" sunglasses
by mel p November 30, 2003
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Preps are often misjudged and wrongly labled. People often label preps as stuck up, self conceited and arrogant, thinking of themselves as better than others and thus looking down upon them. Though that is definately NOT the case. Preps as a group are generally extremely kind, caring, respectful, not snobby, considerate and polite people. Though they generally prefer to shop at stores like Lacoste, Ralph Lauren: preferably blue label, Lily, (jeans at Saks or Neiman) etc, and wear pastel colors it is all for the classic look, a simple well respected, decent and simple appearance. Preps absolutely love ribbons, ribbon belts(ralph lauren), flip flops and simple yet elegant jewelery. Preps DO NOT wear overly tight, or revealing clothing. But on top of the way one dresses, being preppy is also a way of life. Most preps are quite well off with parents owning a well to do buisness, were brought up to respect elders, be well mannered..etc...the basics. Though poeple sometimes think preps have parents who are clueless of their actions and behavior it is completely wrong. Though the parent are usually well off they do care about their children and take good care of them, keep and eye on them, provide smeone to take them to places, a housekeeper, and are home enough to spend family time togther. Preps are also brought to attend college and futher schooling and to become an important member of their community, and to lead a well respected, decent life. Preps often attend sports and are in good physique skiing. field hocky, swimming, tennis and lacrosse are a must. Though most preps attend private schools, preps do sometimes attend public schools though they're usually elite suburban public schools. Preps recieve extremly good grades, study hard, and have many friends. Usually preps have long hair, brunnette or blonde, and hold t hemselves in a manner to dosplay t hat one is proud to be oneself and will stay strong. Preppy girls usually like dating preppy guys and will in the end most probably marry one. Preps do not have to attend country clubs, and drink a lot. Also though most preps are caucasion there are some that come from mixed backgroud, example father caucasian mother asian..etc. Vactation spots are truely not limited though Nantucket, the vinard, White Mountains are wonderful places to go.
like wearing polo shirts
enjoy shopping at lacoste, Ralph Lauren..etc
are respecable polite, well behaved
are intelligent
do well in school
plan to go to college and bne successful in life
love ribbons!
know how to have fun
love the beach! and quite serene places
are generally well off
love literature, classics, arts, math, etc
tend to participate in sports like field hocky lacrosse etc
are brought up well
are not snobby
are conservative in dress
are hopefully conservative...though some are liberal..shame
do not wear a lot of makeup!
are into pastel colors
respect people and do not brag about staus, wealth, or nything in that genre.
"Beth is such a well behaved girl. Not at al like those modern rampaging teenagers you usually see. Actually i believe she's quite the opposite, polite, sweet, gentle, very well dressed..though simply..and oh such a darling face, what curious eyes. Ahh and i hear she's doing quite well in school, it seems that Johnathan and Anne were quite correct to bring her up in a way to live that so called "preppy life style". I'd say it's more of a classic way of life, simple, and sophisticated."
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You may be a prep if:

1. You go to a private school on the east cost

2. you plan on attending a top private university or college

3. Your wardrobe consist of pastels.

4. you summer in Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket or the Cape, but never "The Island"

5. you drive either a BMW, Audi, Volvo, Land Rover, or a vintage Mercedes

6. you are conservative

7. you come from a WASP background

8. you are well off

9. you live in the northeast
A typical preppy line: "I took my Mercedes to Martha's Vineyard this weekend were I played polo"
by The Typical May 07, 2004
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