combination of mother fucker used in moments of extreme rage toward friends or yourself
U stupid ass futher!!
by riah March 21, 2003
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noun: 1. the act of foreplay prior to sexual intercourse. anything involving oral sex is generally referred to as extreme futhering, esp. the type of shit you do with a slam piece before you get diggity down.

2. something that heavencrushrs rarely attempt or are invited to.

verb: to futher. to perform the act of futhering.
so i was at this party and got to futhering with this hotass slam piece.

bro, nice.
by AldeyRAY January 24, 2010
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1. An Irish word meaning to fiddle with something.

2. A word used to describe an act of foreplay without being overly explicit.
"Hey, how'd you fix the TV?"
"Just by futhering with it for a while."

"Did you have sex with him?"
"No, we just futhered all night with isolated cases of penetration."
by The Point News April 14, 2010
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It's a funny way for saying "Mother fucker". Also a way to say mother fucker when it's not appropriate to say it.
"Those futher mucks robbed me!"
by Jay June 2, 2004
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(1)person whom Fornicates with thier maternal birth mechanism.

(2)a common insult among english speaking peoples,

it is a smart assed alternative to mother fucker.
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How to say Mother Fucker in front of children you don't want learning "Adult" language.
Futher Mucker, that hurt! (after hitting your thumb for the up-tenith time while hammering nails)
by slavens (slave-ens) November 3, 2005
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