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A sub-urban area on the west side of Ottawa, Canada. Known to be very wealthy, and filled with poor drivers, a very extreme town, either the people are very freindly or they are extremely snobby. Also referred to as the "KDot"
by jeff harley October 18, 2003
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A small city of about 45000 people. Lacks culture and diversity. Inhabited almost exclusively by yuppies and middle-class tech geeks. Every housewife drives a massive SUV, which of course not a single one of them can park properly. The teenagers are desperate for attention, worthwhile activities, or excitement. Overall Kanata is pretty homogenious, not in colour, but in attitude. For example, there is a small African-Canadian minoirty in Kanata but they act, dress and speak like the rest of the suburbanite drones. Avoid Kanata, it took me 22 yeahs to extricate myself from that mindless dungheap.
The only real crime in Kanata is vandalism, although joyriding is on the rise. I mean, in a place with thousands of mini-vans and SUVs just sitting around, or course some a going to get stolen.There is no culture to be found, their local theatre is a joke (plays are put on by the same cast, crew, and directors, and thus all blend into eachother).
by Meg March 24, 2005
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Kanata is a large town in Ottawa, Ontario, in Canada. Very boring. Has a few shitty schools, one of which is Katimavik, and another of which is Trinity. There are two gangs, one of which is the Bluz, so don't wear a black bandanna, or you're going to be in shit. There's tons of druggies, teenage whores and cutters. Most people are fake and won't accept anybody with originality. There's lots of crime and vandalism. Many, many white boys who engage in rap battles and dress like thugs and pimps, who spout wigger talk from their mouths.
Let's avoiding going to Kanata, it's full of druggies.
by Jennifer February 27, 2005
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