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Most of these definitions are pretty accurate, but none of them mention Canadian preps. We enjoy the same lifestyle as American preps, but we live in places like Oakville, London (ontario), Kanata, PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, And some parts of British Columbia. We sail our boats on lake Ontario, we ride our horses along the Trans Canada trail, we don't shop at the malls, and if we do, it's only because they have stores like J Crew, Banana Republic, Lilly Pulitzer, or Ralph Lauren. We don't shop at Abercrombie and Fitch or American Eagle. We summer on the cape of in the vineyard. We belong to country clubs, and party as hard as we work. We attend boarding schools in the USA, or Candian ones like Ridley. Or we attend private or gifted/enriched day schools. We usually have pretty good relationships with our parents. We respect them, and they are very good to us. We live in historic (or historic looking) houses with manicured lawns and well cared for gardens. We don't have gigantic stone gargloyles or electric gates; we are not flashy! We don't really watch TV that much, though their are some shows we enjoy. We do our homework and plan to attend Universities like Yale, Princeton, McGill, or Queens. We aren't snobby, we're generally pretty nice and friendly people. We were brought up well by old money families. We'll end up marrying well to do preppy boys and raising preppy children. Most preps are caucasion, but we can be any race. We usually have straight, shoulder length (or longer) hair. We carry LL Bean totes with monograms on them.

A typical preppy outfit for girls: Lilly Pullitzer polo, J Crew critter shorts, Eliza B. flip flops, and a ribbon in our hair, of course.

A typical preppy outfit for boys: Khaki pants, a Ralph Lauren polo (collar popped, of course), Rainbow flipflops, and a sweater knotted around their shoulders.

Preppy is a lifestyle. NOT a trend!

1 :
Mimi: Wow, Muffy, look at Babs today!
Muffy: I know, she looks so cute today in her Lilly skirt and her tiffanys pearl necklace
Mimi: Don't you love the ribbon in her hair? It's so preppy!

Babs: Hey girls, want to study for the Algebra test at my house tonight
Muffy: Sure!
Mimi: Sorry, I have a tennis match
Babs: Good luck!
by Mitsy July 06, 2007
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