preppy and waspy apparel at it's best. more commonly referred to as just "lilly"
I'm heading up to the Cape, I'm bringing just the essentials - Lilly and sunscreen.
by prep April 22, 2005
cute, preppy clothing reserved for true preps. the clothing is mostly sundresses and skirts in bold, bright and colorful prints/patterns. the polos are solid except for a few with piping, stripes and contrasting collar colors. lilly also sells tennis skorts that arent as bright as the sundresses and skirts may be, but still have the signature lilly look. lilly is meant to be worn to country clubs, yacht clubs, and worn on vacation to a prestigious place such as st. barts or new england.
prep 1: im wearing my new lilly dress to dinner at the yacht club tonight!

prep 2: im going to wear my new skirt with my matching polo. i just hope that there isnt anyone there wearing the same print as i am!
by lauren ashleigh July 19, 2005
an amazing preppy clothing company that designs cute patterns and legit clothes for any preppy damn day.
preppy girl 1: wow, her outfit is so cute!
preppy girl 2: of course it is, its lilly.
by your best friend May 9, 2005
A great brand that makes bright summer dresses and beachwear to die for. A classic.
1. She wore Lilly from head to toe: a Regan dress, beige McKim sandals and an Edie cardigan.

2. Many people consider Lilly Pulitzer the epitome of elegance nowadays, even placing the brand alongside legends like Hermès.
by fromnh April 15, 2010
Anal Beads designed for anal pleasure but in the bright patterns of Lilly Pulitzer.
Kim used her Lilly Pulitzer anal beads because they matched her new dress.
by H. Winfield April 11, 2013