Southern University is Champions
Man Southern Won tha Championship and LSU aint shit..
by @_@Rapster January 30, 2004
This now defunct diploma mill from Texas gave an MBA to a house cat named Colby Nolan for $399. Unfortunately for the school, the house cat belonged to the Pennsylvania attorney general's office who was investigating the school. So the term is now used to describe any bullshit college with little credibility or that just sells degrees.
Fuck yeah I have a degree. I have a PhD in underwater marble stacking from Trinity Southern University.


You're thinking about going to Walden University? Don't do that, that school is sooo a Trinity Southern University.
by David McBride March 28, 2008
An HBCU in Houston, Texas. Its origins can be traced to Heman Sweatt, an African-American who applied to the University of Texas Law School in the 1940's. The university did not admit blacks. Rather than admit him, the state of Texas created an entire university and law school for blacks, which eventually came to be known as Texas Southern University and the Thurgood Marshall School of Law.
I'll be attending Texas Southern University in the Fall.
by GilGam April 17, 2010
A 4-year university in Statesboro, Georgia. This is the real GSU. GSU is home to the GA Southern eagles, the fastest growing FCS football team in the nation.

The school is often the victim of abuse from 'students' from georgia state trash talk GA Southern because all the beautiful women come to the boro for school. GA State students tend to be angry weirdos due to the fact that they have to live and go to school in the slums of Atlanta sharing housing complexes with homeless people. While GA State kids spent Saturday night running around avoiding being hit by flying bullets and cars on the highway, GSU students are hard at work meeting the hottest girls and guys at local bars.

Although GSU students know how to have fun, there are many promient GSU alumni such as Daniel Cathy - President of chik-fil-a, Zach McLeroy - founder of Zaxby's, Hala Moddelmog - CEO of Arby's, Luke Bryan - country music singer as well as several PGA tour golfers.

GSU is the best damn school in the land.

Go Eagles!
by ThisIsTheRealGSU February 23, 2013
a pimp ass school in a pimp ass town called Statesboro, Ga.
It is the home of the Eagles, and many drunk college students
Watch out on game can get a little out of hand-kind of like all the other days of the week
Sunday is the 1 day to relax
Oh yeah, there is school there too
Statesboro, the home of the Eagles at Georgia Southern University, we're a drinking town with a football problem.
by Chamberlain December 17, 2004
Located in Ashland, Oregon. Thought of as a liberal arts school, the faculty provide a well rounded education. Sports teams use the name Raiders with a logo of a red tailed hawk.
I go to Southern Oregon University.
by littledude November 2, 2004
Smoked Out University is its second name. It is a school in Ashland Oregon that gives a decent education and calls itself a liberal arts school
"Im thinking about going to SOU!"
"Southern Oregon University? You are just going to smoke a bunch and take some crazy classes"
by Epitath December 13, 2009