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(Long Form: McGill University, Université du McGill)

1. An internationally respected institution for higher learning located in Montreal, Quebec.

2. The most kick-ass university in the world.

3. Sometimes referred to as the, "Harvard of Canada," it in fact bears no resemblance whatsoever to the well-known United States university, in that the students of McGill must work for their grades and yet still have an infinitely more active and enjoyable social life.
Harvard Student: Hey, my friends and I were just discussing how we did on the SATs. What about you?
McGill Student: Er, sounds like fun, but i have to get some studying done before partying like mad tonight with (beautiful/handsome) (girls/guys) in the coolest city in the world. I'll see ya round.
Harvard Student: Wow. I am such a tool.
by mwp March 04, 2005
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One of Canada's top universities, consistently ranked among the top 20 worldwide. Located in Montreal, Quebec, it was established in 1821 and is one of the oldest universities in Canada. McGill boasts world-renowned faculties of Arts, Science, Engineering, Law, Medicine, and Management, as well as schools of Architecture, Music, and Nursing. It enrolls approximately 25,000 undergraduate students and 9,000 graduate students.

McGill includes 11 Nobel Prize laureates, 132 Rhodes Scholars, 2 Canadian prime ministers, 11 Canadian Supreme Court justices, 9 Academy Award winners, and 3 Pulitzer Prize winners among its alumni to date. Graduates report a very high rate of satisfaction with their experience and frequently recommend the school to others. There is no question that the McGill name is extremely well-respected in both academic and professional circles.
True story: I turned down UC Berkeley, Duke, and Dartmouth to attend McGill.

Both the current and former Presidents of Princeton University were McGill alumni.
by allegroconbrio May 14, 2012
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An action of asking someone if they hate you for no apparent, which often annoys the recipient of said question. A person asking said question is often cocky and oblivious to their actions in general.
Kid A: Dude, you got to stop pulling the McGill so much, it really pisses some people off.

Kid B:I don't care who I piss off. Do you know where I'm form? C-A-R-M-E-L, INDIANA BITCH. Oh and by the way I've been meaning ask you something...Do you hate me?

Kid A: head shake and sigh
by goblueliveBA May 17, 2011
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A university that likes to think of itself as the "best institution in the world" and prides itself on "excelling even Harvard" in academic and extracurricular prowess when, in truth, it's not even a blip on the international big name university scene.
Harvard student: I graduated from Harvard.

Yale student: I came from Yale.

Mcgill student: I'm from Mcgill.

Everyone: that a highschool?
by marieclaire990 July 05, 2009
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McGill University noun

University of Toronto's retarded incest cousin in Quebec.

McGill is located in Montreal - the city is also known as the 'Gateway to Toronto'.

Schools in Canada better than McGill: The University of Toronto (hands down), The University of Waterloo (hands down), Queens and UBC.

McGill is basically a State School. It's a regular, run of the mill public university. The degree is meaningless. Companies are always careful when hiring McGill grads.

Employers have one rule: ALWAYS ask a McGill student for their transcript.
(A McGill and U of Toronto grad are both at the same job interview)

McGill Grad: Hey, did you get the job?

UofT Grad: Duh.

McGill Grad: What!? How's that possible? I thought they really liked me.

UofT Grad: Dude, you went to McGill....
by sweetandlow May 16, 2010
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