When you have patrolled or surveyed a party or group of people, looked for possible pick ups and have narrowed down the choices to a few you could date.
Dude 1: Bro have you found anyone interesting here yet?
Dude 2: Ya man, im pretty up-to-date.
by Quite Easily Demonstrated July 30, 2013
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I did Sharon up the date, she loved it.
by mcLevin September 15, 2010
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A last-minute date you throw together with your S.O. when the game you were going to play needs to update. The "up-date" can then be used to buy time for when the game is ready to be played again.
The squad was ready to dominate, but Battlefield had a four-hour update. The boyz took their girls on up-dates instead with a plan to resume the next evening.
by Bofrad February 7, 2018
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This is basically someone that you know will say go with you to prom if you ask them. This has to be a person that you can relatively stand for a full night, or else can stand to stand next while taking pictures and then ditch him/her for the rest of the night and hang out with that person that you actually wanted to come with. This has to be a person that you know no one else will want to ask, so they are definately available.
Steve is my back-up, back-up prom date, so I know that I am guaranteed to be going with someone.
by carolinimartini February 19, 2006
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A lunch or dinner date that two people go on after hooking up simply because they feel guilty for sleeping together without having gone on a date first.
Opposite of first-date-fuck and first-date-fuck faux pas.
1.) Well the sex wasn't great, but the food was good at the make up date the next day.

2.) I think John and I are going to hook up, but I kinda want to sneak out before we have to go on a make up date.
by Lol Sinsperth June 3, 2012
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the last time two persons in relationship went for an outing together before breaking up with each other. a couple, lovers.
Jamie: Jim!! this dinner could well turn into a break up date for Kim and Kanye if we didn't do something soon.
by Goti B May 10, 2015
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its when a guy/girl gets all ready to go on a date, and is really nice to the girl/guy all night, no matter how long they've been dating, and breaks up with her/him in a really nice way
an example of break up date: like...you know ________(name)...your such a good person....beautiful, smart.....i dont deserve you............your way to great........i think i should just let you have your space to become the great person i know u are
by europeanbeauty January 18, 2008
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