A small Amish community in the north central part of Indiana. It is famous for the Das Ditchman Essenhause Amish style Resturant. This city is prone to the migration of elderly from all over the country during the warmer months of the year. The amish themselves are quite a tourist attraction with their keen skills in farming, woodworking, and quilt making in which all of these services are overpriced. it is the home to Northridge highschool where the only thing it is known for is having the largest freshman class than the year before it and the cross country team. when traveling through this one street city it only takes a matter of seconds to be in and out so it is basically the whore of northern indiana.

Also this city is notorious for its rebel redneck fan base, though the state was a part of the union many of the residents of Middlebury fly the confederate flag screaming Git "R" done out the windows of their piickups while going to the County Fair to check out the pigs and other farm animals that the convenently also have at home.
"So where are you from"
"Middlebury, Indiana"
"Where the fuck is that?"
Do you know where South Bend is"
"Just go east about 45 minutes on U.S. 20 until you get slowed down by a buggy"

"Hey grandma why cant we sit on the couch?"
"Because i spent $5000 on that quilt you little snot nosed punks!"

"So how did the football team do?"
"i dont know, i never go to the games"
"wheres your school spirit"
"i lost it at the pep session at school"
by PatDogg April 8, 2009
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a really small town in vermont where there's only 7,000 people and it's the biggest town in the county. where all the hippies trip on shrooms and all the rich college kids blow aderol. once in a while a redneck get killed in a DUI, keeping the population in check.
i wanna buy some drugs, so let's go to middlebury.
by penisiscool December 22, 2005
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A large experimental chamber designed to measure the effects of extreme workload and stress on college students.
Life at Middlebury College: Study study write study all-nighter write drink study drink write write study drink write write write WRITE WRITE all-nighter WRITE WRITE die
by Wise_Truth_Teller November 4, 2012
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A prestigious liberal-arts college located in the beautiful setting of Vermont. Renowned worldwide for its stellar language programs, this school's academics are top-notch. Students are often outdoorsy and take advantage of the college's nearby ski bowl. Overall a kick-ass college that produces intelligent, talented, happy people!
"dude, you went to middlebury college?"
"yeah and it was the best four years of my life"
by Isabel Lucia August 21, 2006
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A liberal arts college founded in 1800 and located in Middlebury, Vermont. Like the other 10 NESCACs, it is a great place to get an education. The college is especially renowned for its language, environmental studies and international studies programs, though psychology and economics are among its most popular majors.

The school has a new library, a giant science hall built in 1999 and expansive arts and athletics facilities among other buildings on campus. The White Mountains border the campus to the west, and the Green Mountains (where the college's alpine and cross-country skiing facilities are located) to the east. The town of Middlebury has around 9,000 inhabitants and lots of small shops.

Students arrive here with a diverse array of achievements, but they recognize that every Midd Kid around them is pretty darn smart as well, and thus are not pretentious or boastful in general. When not studying, they enjoy both drinking and playing in the snow. Skiing is a popular activity.

Middlebury isn’t perfect, of course. Racism and anti-homosexual sentiments do exist among some. Still, those who attend this college should be thankful for the wonderful people, facilities and resources around them.

Instead of listening to arguments among students as to which liberal arts school is "Number one," high school seniors should research their options to decide which school is #1 for them. About half of the class of 2013 applied early decision; apparently, they did just that.
"Tom, I hear you applied somewhere early decision. Did you know that Middlebury is one of the top colleges in the country? I know this because I read U.S. News."

"That's cool, Mr. Plummer, but so is Williams, which I chose because of its awesome tutorial programs and the number of Rhodes Scholars it has graduated."
"Sounds like you've done your research, Tom!"

"You go to Middlebury College? That school isn't even in the top 10 of the U.S. News rankings!"

"Way to use outdated statistics. Anyway, considering that I'm a language major who loves to ski, attending a school with a famous language program and its own ski hill seemed like a pretty good choice."
"Wait, you mean college rankings have changed in the last five years?"
by Wanderfalke May 16, 2010
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Middlebury College is widely regarded as one of the nation's very best liberal arts colleges. Middlebury's beautiful, wide-open campus has spectacular views of the Adirondacks and Green Mountains.

Middlebury has a wealthy endowment so students always have access to first-class facilities and the best professors around. The college is well-known for its rigorous curriculum. Middlebury has a robust study-abroad program with schools all around the world. The college can also boast of a 9 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio and classes with usually less than 16 students. Almost half of the students receive some form of need-based financial assistance to cover their education.

A very low acceptance rate means admissions can sculpt an academically-strong, talented and diverse incoming class. Middlebury students are distinguished by their academic excellence, creativity, self-direction and leadership.
Will: Hey, where did you go to school?

Tom: Middlebury College.

Will: That's awesome.
by DeanOfStuff June 2, 2010
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A super-white school in the middle of no where (also referred to as Middleofnowherebury) where the social dynamic towards students of color and women is akin to that of the pre-civil rights era. They wouldn't be admitting students of color if not doing so weren't against the law. All the students are either upper-middle class, upper class, 1%, or on welfare. has Get Out vibes.

good at teaching english, literature, and economics. Hyped up language programs are either on par with, or subpar compared to Ivy League schools. Date rape reports are swept under the rug.

Good place to get pot and coke from a bougie white kid.
Person 1: I went to Middlebury College!

Person 2: When did you get out of rehab?
by Proud Brown Lady July 18, 2018
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