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An eastern province in the country of Canada, one of 3 maritime provinces (the others being Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) PEI is renowned for its white sand beaches, exquisite culinary and arts scene as well as the popular story book/play character Anne of Green Gables. In fact, that is a front created to attract tourists. Real PEI culture is garbage ceilidhs, greasy arse townies vapin in their honda civics in a mcdicks' parkin lot, basin head n thunder cove, hittin up old home week, gettin right shittered at Cavy offa your pogey check and finally brappin around till you hit a god damn pot hole n blow a tire...fuckin Ghiz
Donny: Do you know anyone from the maritimes?
Frank: Yes! my cousins Bloisey Gallant and Ernest MacLeod are from "PEI"
Donny: Up west or down east PEI Bloisey Gallant?
Frank: Down east..
Donny: Boyo you got fam in kings county! That's fuckin greasy buddy

("PEI" man is weeping in corner of a room)
Donny: Frank why are you being sucha stunned cunt, why ya sookin?
Frank: Havent you heard?!? Boomer's retiring from Compass!!!!!

Cribbage is "PEI"'s official provincial sport, besides competitive alcoholism and mental illness
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by buddywhat'shisname April 10, 2017
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A Sexual move when you throw your bitch in the air and when she comes back down you turkey slap her to the closest surface area then ejaculate over her
Man:How is your face bitch?

Woman/Bitch:It hurts your peis was hard
by bob,dog,mob,tob,lob,job July 07, 2010
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that man had a 64 inch pei until it was run over by a train and eaten by some french.
by Matthew Hyrka August 22, 2003
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Stupid school program that only homo who wear bright cloth can be good.
by Cyrano August 01, 2003
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