An eastern province in the country of Canada, one of 3 maritime provinces (the others being Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) PEI is renowned for its white sand beaches, exquisite culinary and arts scene as well as the popular story book/play character Anne of Green Gables. In fact, that is a front created to attract tourists. Real PEI culture is garbage ceilidhs, greasy arse townies vapin in their honda civics in a mcdicks' parkin lot, basin head n thunder cove, hittin up old home week, gettin right shittered at Cavy offa your pogey check and finally brappin around till you hit a god damn pot hole n blow a tire...fuckin Ghiz
Donny: Do you know anyone from the maritimes?
Frank: Yes! my cousins Bloisey Gallant and Ernest MacLeod are from "PEI"
Donny: Up west or down east PEI Bloisey Gallant?
Frank: Down east..
Donny: Boyo you got fam in kings county! That's fuckin greasy buddy

("PEI" man is weeping in corner of a room)
Donny: Frank why are you being sucha stunned cunt, why ya sookin?
Frank: Havent you heard?!? Boomer's retiring from Compass!!!!!

Cribbage is "PEI"'s official provincial sport, besides competitive alcoholism and mental illness
by buddywhat'shisname April 10, 2017
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that man had a 64 inch pei until it was run over by a train and eaten by some french.
by Matthew Hyrka August 22, 2003
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that goat sodomized your brother with it's pei.
by Philip Anderson August 22, 2003
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Stupid school program that only homo who wear bright cloth can be good.
by Cyrano August 1, 2003
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a name :

a very cute jeongin stan, and someone who makes everyone smile with their cute posts! whenever you meet someone with the name pey, they’ll always brighten up your days! how to use in a sentence:
“pey best girl” “pey is the best jeongin stan!”
by httpskz July 14, 2020
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A Sexual move when you throw your bitch in the air and when she comes back down you turkey slap her to the closest surface area then ejaculate over her
Man:How is your face bitch?

Woman/Bitch:It hurts your peis was hard
by bob,dog,mob,tob,lob,job July 7, 2010
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reversal of the word yep, it means agreement, action, or anything else you want it to.
Don't make me pey you!
She is f*cking hot, i want to pey her.
by Matt May 14, 2003
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