Someone you used to date and or talk to in a intimate matter
Man she dumped me, she my ex now
by Isax2380 February 14, 2017
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One who seems to bring about a lot of trouble, who was always jealous and now is your worst enemy.
by Kelly Mitchell March 07, 2006
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A very stupid guy that thinks in 5th grade, marriage is a possibility. He believes he is funny but is actually just stupid. He has not had a voice drop yet but pretends to have a masculine and low voice and constantly sounds idiotic. He is classified in the group of kids that think they are popular but are unaware that every kid in the school despises them. Also, he thinks it's ok to ask you out in front of your dad.
"Gosh who's that annoying kid"
"Ughhh it's just my ex."
by Addition1+1 December 14, 2019
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A nobody; Non-significant person; Non-existing person.
Hey Tay, isn't that your ex?
Um who? I'm sorry what is a ex?
by King Big Baby August 11, 2015
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A former lover, who then becomes a friend or Satan.

So many feelings from the word Ex, but there is no one way to define it.

They wasted your time. They messed you up mentally/emotionally like NOBODY ELSE. Worse than the bully. They left a deep, deep wound within you, you were empty and hopeless without them for so long, and though wounds heal, the scars will always show...
You went through a lot because of this one person, in / after the relationship. And you realise already, or later, that they really are an UGLY piece of shit and a BIG regret. The people you love to hate, like Justin Bieber,.
Calling that person your Ex (in your mind) makes it easy to move on.

I have never been so angry towards someone as much as my ex! The last text i sent him was "you almost made me depressed you ugly piece of shit, go die in a hole!"
by Nadia 2001 February 27, 2019
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The Ex is someone you most likely now Loathe, but at some point loved, or maybe just enjoyed having around, normally the result of a breaking up of a relationship of some sorts.

The word Ex is normally followed by these words..

Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Partner.

All these do apply..and a few more do too.

The easiest way to become an Ex, is to Cheat -
(mainly meaning to have sexual intercourse with another male/female whilst you are with you main boy/girl/partner etc)

BE WARNED! - your mates will hate you if you perform the above act, and they are friends with the guy/girl you cheat on.

Cheating will normally be accompanied by lies and deceit, in some cases a hidden guilt.
Dan: "Nicola cheated on my last with another guy, she denied it at first..but then the second time I asked her she confessed, I dumped her, sh is now my Ex"

Gary: "Bro, She's a NO-GOOD whore"

Dan: "Well now iv'e seen her true colours, and i'm glad she is gone"

Gary: "Good for you bro, she didn't deserve you, especialy if she was going to treat you like that, you deserve better"

Dan: "Yeah, I do, thanks man"
by Sickle1986 October 28, 2007
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An ex is best a name for some one u have dated and still love/like u can't stop loving someone.
"I hate my ex"my bff says
"No you dont"i say
"Your right" says my bff
by Danger February 15, 2018
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