Widely used slang for a females genitalia - vagina
Mate i'm not coming to meet you out I'm chasing ribbon tonight..
by Pauly Li July 16, 2010
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when someone sends you a long angry text after acting like whatever fight you had was over and no big deal.
I can’t belive that Gina could send me a ribbon! how rude!
by ok.miss.me.with.that July 8, 2018
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1. to talk to someone, pretending you are someone else with the intention of making fun of them later.
"We totally ribboned James and we got him to tell us about his jerking off habits!"
by theribbonator June 18, 2008
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1) An award given to someone for merely participating, even if them and competition are concepts that shouldn't exist in the same realm.
2) A nickname for someone that ranks well below a bronze medal in terms of coolness.
Get me a damn soda, ribbon.
by Awesome February 14, 2005
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When cum flies through the air.
i.e it ribbons, or it is ribboning over and over again. Round and round and round. I'm coming ribbons!
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
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rich daddie's girls who are prude shits. Ribbons are seen roaming the halls of Holton, Ncs, and holy child. They wear their polo collars up and long, cotton skirts. Their hair is in a side ponytail or bun on top of their heads.
Wow, that ribbon over there is really messed up looking.
by slut- non ribbon July 30, 2004
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A slang term referring to semen or ejaculate.
"Damn man I would wreck that ass until I bust ribbons"
by Sammy Nutt August 25, 2011
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