He done his porridge, he's a reformed man now.
by Wise Man October 2, 2003
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A mushy substance made by boiling corn flour, oats, or other grain food. Usually eaten as a breakfast product.
Porridge tastes better than corn grits.
by AYB March 19, 2003
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used to describe a womans pussy when full of cum. normally used in relation to group sex, by males.
I want her first because I hate stirring the porridge.
by aus_nomad February 2, 2007
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yo man i saw dat nigga eat his girls porridge

guy 1, "what do you like to eat for breakfast?"
guy 2, "i usually have a nice helping of warm porridge"
guy 1, "me 2"
by benny d from NYC December 3, 2009
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owner of bronx forums

I likes to eat porridge
by Suprflyz March 19, 2003
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Bastardisation of BOTHERED?
When you cant be bothered with somthing, or you dont give a shit.
<Dumbkid1> I got promoted to shelf stacker at tesco!!!11111

<idiot>Wow! this version of the star trek box set has audio commentry by spock!
<me>....Do you actually think I give a porridge?
by kut_kraz February 2, 2005
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