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Teenage rude boys who wear burbury caps at such a steep angle the peak is vertical. They usually hang around in large packs. Other notable attributes include cigarette behind the ear, greasy hair, his mums jewellery, an earing, a sky blue hooded top and a 25cc moped.
Look at that bunch of burbury pricks, bet they're not so brave when they aren't 'hangin' with 40 of their 'bruvvas'
by Wise Man October 2, 2003
An expression for breasts when the owner is over 50.
When a girl is in her 20's her tits are called Melons because they are large, round and firm. When a girl gets into her 30s/40's they become baps, still fairly round but softer.
However, once a girl gets into her 50's they become onions, when you see them they make you cry.
Oh no, i just saw your mum's onions <sob sob>
by Wise Man November 18, 2003
to fall over or crash badly resulting in great injury or damage
Stu: How did you break your legs?
Al: I was running down the stairs and i stacked it big time
by Wise Man July 15, 2003
To go quickly either by vehicle or on foot.
Christ! That car was winging it
by Wise Man July 14, 2003
The accounts department? Oh, you mean the room full of beaurocratic cunts!
by Wise Man October 17, 2003
To vomit, to be sick, to regurgitate
I ate so much i laughed lunch all over the carpet
by Wise Man July 11, 2003
Hoodyanikabolokov: Hey i have 3 testicles!
Me: Oh yeah? Who'd ya nick a bollock off?
Hoodyanikabolokov: How did you know my name!?
Me: Wha?
by Wise Man November 18, 2003