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Japanese word meaning a super human person who is male.
Also the name of the dude in urotsukidoji (a hentai movie)
The chojin is a boy who literally turns into a giant sex beast and rapes every woman he sees. In the film he actually destroys a town with his penises (thats right... plural!)
AND he is the hero of the story!

You call someone a chojin if he is very popular with the ladies (1) or gets drunk and lets his labido take control, (although not actually raping anyone or destroying any towns)(2)
(1)Lucky bastard, hes such a chojin
(2)"God man.... I got totallycrunk last night and went totally chojin! "
by kut_kraz March 15, 2005

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1) An account on a MMORPG that is played by more than one person so the character is getting stronger 24 hours a day, with players taking 12 hour shifts some times.. Basically cheating.
Also known as an "asd".
2) Sometimes used as an insult when a player is defeated and is making an excuse
1) <world shout> Lookin 4 a philipino multi to level my char 4 10p a week kplzthx pm meeee!!111111 ulul

2)<bobtehbob> u killed me fs multi n00b
by kut_kraz February 03, 2005

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Bastardisation of BOTHERED?
When you cant be bothered with somthing, or you dont give a shit.
<Dumbkid1> I got promoted to shelf stacker at tesco!!!11111

<idiot>Wow! this version of the star trek box set has audio commentry by spock!
<me>....Do you actually think I give a porridge?
by kut_kraz February 02, 2005

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