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When someone pushes you to your limit to see if you will so something back
Man that nigga John just tried you like a lame
by TT March 30, 2005
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There is no try. See "do" or "do not".
As said by Jedi Master Yoda, "there is no Try, only do, or not."
by EccentrikPyrate March 04, 2009
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equivalent to an american football touchdown, a try = 5 points during international games where a rugby player touches down the rugby ball in the opposition's end zone without a knockon dropping the ball forward, a try can be achieved by sliding through the grass and pass the tryline, kicked through to the endzone then touched down, mauled in similar to a ruck but a player carrying the ball is being driven forward, or a try can be achived simply by a player running through, around, under the opposition
1)I'm trying get a try but the more i try the less tries i get so i must try not to try to get a try

2)Forwards can't score a try even if they tried

3)The winger retired when the hooker scored more tries than him
by shitastic October 09, 2004
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Try, in Hawaiian Pidgin, means make an effort at, attempt to—it’s a polite command:
Try look (please look at that, Look at that! attempt to look at…)
Try come (please make a real effort to come)
Try eat (please eat this—implied that if you just try it, you’ll like it)
by Milolii March 03, 2011
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Small time rapper from Frankfort best known for his underground performances. Though out of the typical demographic for rappers, in some social circles he is considered the true OG of gangster rap.
Hey did you see T-ry last night
Yeah! He was tearing up the mic like no one's business then raged until 4am!
by SonofaSailor June 21, 2011
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A provocative word used to make someone else angry or pissed at you.
"Man I don't think I can go to D'Qwan's party on Saturday..."

"Hey honey could you hand me my drink?"
by D'Qwan's Ultamite MIxtape August 26, 2016
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