An old guy who receives money for just being around a long time.
The pensioner is a useless old man.
by Apple Cider March 16, 2005
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Takes the words pension and penalized to form new word meaning one who has had his or her pension reduced or eliminated by the company that they had served during their working life.
Poor mr jones has been pensionalized and is now living on the street due to his former employer taking away his pension after serving them faithfully for 38 years.
by Walter eagle December 16, 2010
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Describing someone who is paralytically drunk. This could include, but is not limited to, the person shitting or pissing their pants.
1) We just sat about getting pensionered on brandy.
2) She got so pensionered that she shat her pants.
by Dyltong June 18, 2013
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As in Pensioners Nap. A short snooze (usually no more than 20 Min) which seems to have god like powers of ressurection.
After last nights session i'm hooped. I could do with a pensioners.
by Big Shag. January 16, 2010
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An aprehensive way to define astrology.
Dude: sup dawg studying some pension!

Dude 2: yeah

Dude 3: I like pension
by Awesome Jdl January 5, 2014
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Canadian version of a 401K plan. Expect you just get it. You don't have to pay into it. However, you do get paid in maple syrup
I'm Candian - I get a pension eh!!
by RealEeber June 14, 2018
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A poor substitute for a shower when cold water is used to pat under the arms, between the legs and on the face.
Did you have a shower this morning? Nah, couldn't be arsed. I just had a pensioners slap.
by Chutney Didsby July 24, 2014
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