An expression of unwillingness and or apathy towards a specific proposal. Shortened from couldn't be bothered and of fucked
Man 1: Hey, want to go suck a fart out of my ass?
Man 2: Nah, couldn't be
by Gooch Mcgee August 02, 2007
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people are saying this so quickly that it starts to sound like cunt which can be a bit awkward
person1: he cunt do that could he
person2: ??? cunt!
person1: couldn't
person2: oh sounds like it though
person1: ye
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) July 12, 2009
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when you don't want to do something, so much so, that you, well; couldn't be fucked.
mom: "hey Jonny. take out the trash. will ya?"
jonny: "aw mom, i'm sorry but: i just couldn't be fucked."
mom: "you little shit."
by Angus of Regnulass December 27, 2021
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Usually a word followed by a homosexual, stupid, or unfunny comment, or just to make fun of someone who's bad at video games, or retarded . Usally starting with Imagine.. ____ then followed by Couldn't be me
"Damn Logan imagine being a simp, Couldn't be me"
"Damn bro imagine dying first, Couldn't be me"
"Damn bro imagine being gay, Couldn't be me"
by R6Gamergirl69 May 11, 2020
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Too lazy to do a certain task. More socialbly acceptable phrase.

Teacher: Did you do your homework?
Kid : No, Mam, i couldn't be bottomed.

Twm's winning election slogan
"Couldn't be bothered."
by Claire-Louise Bywalec June 21, 2008
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