An expression of unwillingness and or apathy towards a specific proposal. Shortened from couldn't be bothered and of fucked
Man 1: Hey, want to go suck a fart out of my ass?
Man 2: Nah, couldn't be
by Gooch Mcgee August 3, 2007
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people are saying this so quickly that it starts to sound like cunt which can be a bit awkward
person1: he cunt do that could he
person2: ??? cunt!
person1: couldn't
person2: oh sounds like it though
person1: ye
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) July 12, 2009
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when you don't want to do something, so much so, that you, well; couldn't be fucked.
mom: "hey Jonny. take out the trash. will ya?"
jonny: "aw mom, i'm sorry but: i just couldn't be fucked."
mom: "you little shit."
by Angus of Regnulass December 27, 2022
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Usually a word followed by a homosexual, stupid, or unfunny comment, or just to make fun of someone who's bad at video games, or retarded . Usally starting with Imagine.. ____ then followed by Couldn't be me
"Damn Logan imagine being a simp, Couldn't be me"
"Damn bro imagine dying first, Couldn't be me"
"Damn bro imagine being gay, Couldn't be me"
by R6Gamergirl69 May 12, 2020
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Too lazy to do a certain task. More socialbly acceptable phrase.

Teacher: Did you do your homework?
Kid : No, Mam, i couldn't be bottomed.

Twm's winning election slogan
"Couldn't be bothered."
by Claire-Louise Bywalec June 21, 2008
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The proper way to express how you don't give a crap about something - you really don't care about something and it's impossible to not care any more. The common but incorrect variant "could care less" (which would technically imply that you do care about something) is widely used because of either a translation mistake into English, or those who blindly use phrases without taking a moment to understand their actual meaning.
Person A: A company just got sued for patent infringement!
Person B: *yawn* Oh really? I couldn't care less.
by generic June 10, 2006
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