To take a nap, typically during the daytime hours. Usually short in length, and used to rest up before an actvity.
"I am going to take a snooze for a minute. Wake me when it's time to leave."
by Jakesie December 2, 2005
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brief sleep, usually in bed, may involve some drooling
Let's snooze: My place or yours.
by Yeti Getti September 1, 2005
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to not attend or miss something or an event
1.i snoozed school today,im so cool should have been to that party last night.sorry,i snoozed.
3.omg u missed mid-terms,now u have to take them during that linkin park concert.awww man,i thought they were next week,i wish i hadnt snoozed.
by calcy December 28, 2007
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A french slang meaning it smells like complete shit, poop.
Marco est aller au toilette, ça sentait la snooze
by isaac.oconnor June 15, 2021
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A person with whom communication is so dull and uninteresting, that they induce narcolepsy in the listener. Topics of conversation usually include: work, family, pets, weather, personal care, televised sports.
"I saw so-and-so the other day. She cornered me, then proceeded to tell me all about her cats, then about her brother in Akron. The only thing that could have been worse would have been a conversation about urinary tract infections. What a f*@king snooze."
by gregorymandu April 11, 2008
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to put someone who awakens back to sleep, usually through gentle means.
"The baby woke up at 3 am, but I gave him a bottle and snoozed him for another two hours."
by BakingSodaMacguyver September 10, 2010
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an act, generally by a woman, of biting down on a man's penis in response to an alarm cock
Jerry: wake up *smacks Britney in the face with his cock* ALARM COCK ALARM COCK!!!

Britney: SNOOZE BITCH *bites down*
by neverexisted1990 November 5, 2008
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