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wakeing up with a drawing of a penis on your face; regularly drawn with a black perminant marker
I was penalized after passing out in homeboys kitchen
by billy ;) July 17, 2008
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V; Waking up after a crazy night, and finding a penis or multiple amounts of penises drawn on your face, usualy done with perminant marker
Tim: That S.O.B. jake penal-ized me right on the forehead

Billy: you shouldnt have passed out in his kitchen
by billy ;) August 05, 2008
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When you take the penis so hard that you're paralyzed.
Bro, I totally penalized her last night. She couldn't move for a solid 30 seconds.
by TheSecretSauce October 22, 2015
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A weird fetish thar president #45 has. It involves him sticking his tiny, tiny member on the table, and the other party then smashes 45's member with a judges gavel, until it's as flat as a pancake.
Wow, Your tiny, tiny dick got penalized bro, it's totally flat.
by The President show May 27, 2017
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