Common place, everyone doing it, conformity.
"Those Cloggs are so pedestrian."
by Smokey Joe February 22, 2004
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non-graffiti writer.
He was (a) pedestrian while the kids he knew were actual writers.
by sändanon February 19, 2011
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A word to indicate the mysterious nature of someone.
See shady, sketchy
Joe looks pretty pedestrian, I wonder if he was smoking crack.
by iThizz June 24, 2006
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A verb meaning to walk across the street. However, one will be judged for the lack of brain cells if this word is used.
Bob: While I was pedestrianing across the road--
Joe: Are you thick? You "walk" across the road.
by jkfootball2 January 30, 2011
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Being left without a car or some other motor vehicle.
(Your brother takes your car without asking)

"I'm going to the store. Where's my car? Damn it! I've been pedestrianized"
by Sylvia October 6, 2006
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Basically stupid people on foot.

1. Take their time in the crosswalk while cars are waiting to make a right turn, before you know it your light is red.
2. Not pressing the crosswalk button does not give enough time to cross so they're in the way when your light turns green.
3. Not using the crosswalk. Jaywalkers make the motorist stupid. They stop while the pedestrian is still on the curb and allow them to cross. Mean while you're approaching this vehicle from behind wondering why it's stopped and you hit your brakes!!
Those stupid pedestrians didn't press the crosswalk button, my light is green now, can I run them over??
by cpetkunas February 21, 2019
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