Basically stupid people on foot.

1. Take their time in the crosswalk while cars are waiting to make a right turn, before you know it your light is red.
2. Not pressing the crosswalk button does not give enough time to cross so they're in the way when your light turns green.
3. Not using the crosswalk. Jaywalkers make the motorist stupid. They stop while the pedestrian is still on the curb and allow them to cross. Mean while you're approaching this vehicle from behind wondering why it's stopped and you hit your brakes!!
Those stupid pedestrians didn't press the crosswalk button, my light is green now, can I run them over??
by cpetkunas February 21, 2019
(1) The act of being a pedestrian as a way of thinking and being.

(2) An act committed whilst being a pedestrian (Kind of like terrorism)
(1) "I was thinking of starting the first church of Pedestrianism"

(2) When he walked infront of a car, the newspapers reported it only as a 'pedestrianism'
by Haydenem April 15, 2006
Abandon All Ships-Pedestrian is just another word for speed bump now called take one last breath.
by ghillie suit May 5, 2011
A political or religious belief.... maybe in the middle of the road or just don't give a F**K! A great answer when someone asks what political or religious belief are you... just say PEDESTRIAN!
I am a liberal, conservative pedestrian who is not affiliated with a religion, however I celeberate all of the Christian, Jewish, Muslem and other such holidays in order to get cool gifts and to get drunk!
by d0c August 12, 2006
Pedestrianity is a sub relgious belief which main principle is a strong conviction that man is neither made for nor should travel in any other way than by the means of his own two feet.
The movement originated 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark by a, at the time, 26 year old Jewish man by the name; Mikkel Troelst Kaarsbøl.

In Kaarsbøl's own writings he describes the very evening for when he has his revelation.

He was tricked into sharing a taxi with a unemployed blacksmith from his hometown, Hillerød.

In his writings Kaarsbøl describes how he, in the taxi, felt an "overwhelming discomfort by the thought of the economic expences he would suffer to the taxidriver." And how "the whole setting was planed for him to feel the worst kind of social discomfort that any other jew in the history of jews." Here he also dedicates 3 chapters to how disgustingly bad music the driver chose to play in the taxi.
But the defining moment for his revelation was when a divine intervention made him shit his pants in the taxi. He now knew, that for the rest of his life he would now only travel by foot - "as it was intended from since the dawn of jews" After the experience he founded the religion that now is known as Pedestrianity. It is estimated that Pedestrianity has roughly 24.000 religious followers around the globe.
He is a Pedestrian and a hardcore follower of the book prophet and founder of Pedestrianity, Mikkel Troest Kaarsbøl
by OpelKadetja+KajBajer August 14, 2022
An insult applied to people who do something stupid or senseless.
I can't believe you shot him, you pedestrian!
by Connor Devine September 17, 2004