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Shorterned version of Skivies. Underwear
Pete took off my skives, said kelly.
by iThizz June 29, 2006
1.) A place where Jon Jon can't swim!

2.) An island where the Kennedy's lived.

3.) Motto made famous by the Mayor of Springfield.

4.) Ridiculous; stupid.

5.) Yelled in rage or frustration
I want to go to Chappaquiddick and see the Kennedy's house!

CHAPPAQUIDDICK! Jon Jon can't swim!


Stop being so Chappaquiddick Agnes, you look like a durn fool!
by iThizz July 2, 2006

A card game in which players trade cards in a circle attempting to gain 4 of the same cards wilst also signaling to their partner that they have 4 of a kind. If the signal is seeing and the partner calls "Kemps!" the team wins. However, if a player of the opposing team see's the signal and calls "Kemps!" the player signaling loses. For more fun, you can fake a signal to attempt to throw other teams out. If a fake signal is spoted and called, then the team that called the Kemps is out.
Jon, you want to go play Kemps with Ben and Agnes?

KEMPS! We win! Good signal Jon.
by iThizz July 14, 2006
A word to indicate the mysterious nature of someone.
See shady, sketchy
Joe looks pretty pedestrian, I wonder if he was smoking crack.
by iThizz June 24, 2006
throw off them skivies so i can stright-up murder yo ass, ya know what im sayin'
by iThizz June 24, 2006
Any woman or girl and their outlook towards anything.
Tom: "Why would you get pissed off because I did not put away the fork within two minutes?"
Sally: "Because we're a just big ole' can o' crazy, it's how we roll"
by iThizz June 29, 2006
wilst throwing a party the day after throwing another one; one would create crack juice. crack juice is the conglomeration of all your left over alcohol into a big pitcher and adding so much juice you can not taste the alcohol. used when men get desperate and need a girl to black out so they can get their cock out.
"we don't have time for a beer run! just mix up some crack juice!"
by iThizz June 16, 2006