An average person is someone who Loves Harry Potter, hates Twilight, perfers google to yahoo, and enjoys playing with their socks during church!
most of america, Average
by thewoman February 27, 2010
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Unknow concept for idiot like mnema Geoff. Average is in range between ft 9 and 5 ft 10 and ideal height according European's survey opinion that you can find digiting "Statista ideal height" is beeteen 5 ft 10 and 6 ft 1, therefore short is below 5 ft 8.5 and 6 ft is not borderline height
"It's more important opinion of statistic institute about average and ideal height or a beggars like mnema Geoff, your mother will be raped and will died of breast cancer and I'm so happy
by Sedorf1995 November 29, 2021
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Though often thought to mean mundane and boring, Average really means what occurs the most.

"My Life Is Average" is a site were "Average" means "crazy awesome" to the mundane boring person.

If you make your life crazy awesome by doing random things, not only will you be happier, but you will redefine average in your life.
"Today, I was walking home from school when suddenly, two guys ran by me. They stopped at the crosswalk ahead, pulled out lightsabers, and dueled until the walk sign went green. MLIA."

In an attempt to be un-average, Sara wore a snuggie to school. Soon this became a trend, and every average person wore a snuggie.
by Intrigue October 28, 2009
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Previously thought to be boring and normal, average describes a person who loves dinosaurs, ninjas, Harry potter, hates Twilight and knows that Google will always triumph over Yahoo!
by Zazades July 18, 2011
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Someone who:
- Reads MLIA.
- Loves Harry Potter.
- Hates Twilight.
- Is completely random, weird, awesome, etc.
- Makes pillow forts.
- Loves ninjas.
- Prefers google over yahoo.
- Read DBPB.
- Possibly owns a Pillow Pet or something else random.
- Is a probably a dork, band geek, nerd, etc. (:

And many others things you may think of. :D
Today I was reading MLIA and thinking about how my parents never do anything average. Just then dad ran in excitedly to show me little hats he bought to put on Easter eggs after you dye them. MLIA.
by LawraTheDinosaur July 3, 2011
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Someone who is not good but not bad, Being average is being 'Mediocre'.
Sam Brown is average at CS:GO.
I would compare him to Heroic.
by NoobleJoosh September 3, 2017
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Average. (Adjective)
As an adjective it describes something that is in no way superior or inferior to the rest of it's kind.

When describing something as average we often mean it performed it's purpose but with no perks.

Average. (Noun)
As a noun an average is a statisical measurement. In short, an average is the most common thing in a group. In a group of animals for instance, the most common animal might be birds.
The Handbag was average, since it served only it's purpose.

The average number of people in wembley stadium during a match is 75,000
by Super_James April 12, 2009
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