Common (a.k.a. CommonSense) is an underground rapper out of chicago.He broke out with his song "I used to love h.e.r." talking about how hip hop was being changed in the 90's
Did you hear about Common from brown sugar?
by Roddie Kay October 24, 2004
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Vivid and contemptuous description used in a wide range of ways to describe someone who is uncouth, has no class, no intellectual dexterity, emotional maturity, or spiritual insight all the way to down to being someone who is pretty much of no particular good use or value to forward thinking people.

This word is not race or class specific and does not rely or pedigree or upbringing. It's all about patterns of behavior and world view.
"Man that Duck Dynasty guy is something else with all the stuff he says. Is that what all Christians believe and think?"
"Some of them do, but they don't get on TV and blast everybody around them as if they're common, like these 'tards do. It actually makes THEM look like the commoners".
by Pedat Ebediyah February 3, 2014
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Common, or earlier known as Common Sense, is an MC and producer from Chicago. he usually focuses on lyricism, and focuses on a large spectrum of different topics. He usually is in songs produced or collabed with Kanye West, but has been in other songs collabed with other hip hip mc's. He does alot of stuff with the clothing company GAP, and also does not dress like usual rappers. He dresses in my opinion very classy, wearing sweaters and polo tshirts. He has a foundation that raises money for the cure for HIV/AIDS and also very pollitically involved. he is a mostly legend underground, but people who dont like real hip hop probably wont like him. he has had few songs go mainstream. His albums in order are: Can i Borrow A Dollar in 92, Resurrection in 94, Thisisme then- The Best of Common in 96, One Day it'll All Make Sense in 97, Like Water for Chocolate in 2000, Electric Circus in 02, Be in 05, and Finding Forever in 07. He will forever be a legend in hip hop forever.
Common is my favorite MC and one of the most gifted lyrically ever. I also like his style of clothing.
by chicagogetta March 17, 2008
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Very common (pun intended) misconception of the words: "come on"

Commonly used by uneducated teens and young adults in today's world. Especially in social media.

Most often confused with the abbreviation "c'mon"
Person 1: I can't make it to the party tonight!

Person 2: COMMON man, are you serious?!

Person 1: What? You just said common in the wrong context, I think you should be studying for English class instead of partying all night.
by chris0987 March 23, 2012
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Poor people, un educated . You really do not want to hang around with these sorts.
by Knoxa August 11, 2005
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Married, in a common law manner. When two people that love each other and just hang around each other and conduct business as if they are married. For example, they will purchase a duplex and live on one or both sides of the home to be close to each other.
They live under the same roof and share money...they are common!!!
by Coffee Talk July 31, 2006
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These are the most commonly used words or content on Urban Dictionary
Common words: Negativity. Bad grammar and word crimes. Sex and taboo. Profanity. Dead memes, like Among Us. Excessive use of what was said above. I can go on and on and on…

by a grammar nerd. 🤓 December 4, 2021
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