being broke or always being out of money
i'm going to have to start calling the boy fireplug, because he stays on the curb
by tuffpuff September 13, 2008
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To cease from performing an action. To stop.
She ate three cheesburgers at dinner last night. She needs to curb her eating habbit.

You spent $900 on shoes last month, you need to curb your spending.
by Newbury December 30, 2004
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To the curb

1. to dump someone; to leave behind

2. to put someone to work <for you> (originally like a pimp to put his ho on the street to work for him as a prostitute).

Colloquially is often used with the verb "kick" as to "kick <somebody> to the curb".
1. If he does that shit again I'm gonna put his ass to the curb and leave his ass out there.

2. She don't clean house AND makes you pay for everything!? You need to kick that skank to the curb and tell her to earn her keep.
by westsan February 08, 2009
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v. The act of knocking someone out and then placing thier open mouth on a curb so that when the back of the skull is repeatedly stopmed on all of their teeth get broken.
I beat the shit out of him and then curbed his ass.
by Jay Tang January 03, 2005
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To dissuade a person, their feelings or advances
Yo, I had to curb becky she was getting to crazy
by HealthCareProfessional April 24, 2018
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Placing someones open mouth on the corner of a curb so that they are open jawed across the cement. You stomp on the back of their head so they die. Also known as a "curb job."
by Anonymous January 17, 2003
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