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A woman with no backbone in a controlled relationship by a partner who uses and abuses her. The woman may try to leave the abusive relationship but has low self-esteem to do so. The abuser on the other hand will take advantage of this type of woman because they allow them to. The woman may want to leave but are afraid or accept the abuse.
Bill has a kept woman. He never lets her out of the house with her friends.
by cpetkunas October 12, 2020
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To make someone feel less sure about or have less trust in something or someone.
After I was found out to have fucked the boss, I was cast in a negative light.
by cpetkunas July 01, 2020
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Taking a shit before leaving home in the morning to go anywhere is the best thing one can do for oneself and a courtesy to others. You have your private time to make shit noises and stink up the bathroom without subjecting others in public. Once this morning ritual is done one can go on with their day in confidence.
by cpetkunas May 26, 2019
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The word that actor Sam Jackson loves to use multiple times in all his movies except Star Wars(because it would be inappropriate). He freely expresses the use of this word. He never misses an opportunity to use this word. He is one bad motherfucker when using this word. He is a well beloved motherfucker with all his fans.
I loves my nigga Sam Jackson when he says motherfucker in all his movies. ( Except for Star Wars. Apparently no one cusses in the future.)
by cpetkunas June 12, 2019
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Basically stupid people on foot.

1. Take their time in the crosswalk while cars are waiting to make a right turn, before you know it your light is red.
2. Not pressing the crosswalk button does not give enough time to cross so they're in the way when your light turns green.
3. Not using the crosswalk. Jaywalkers make the motorist stupid. They stop while the pedestrian is still on the curb and allow them to cross. Mean while you're approaching this vehicle from behind wondering why it's stopped and you hit your brakes!!
Those stupid pedestrians didn't press the crosswalk button, my light is green now, can I run them over??
by cpetkunas February 21, 2019
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A phrase that means when a man that is either very good looking or has a big dick or has a lot of money who has no problem getting laid. These three traits are usually never all possessed at the same time otherwise this would make him the perfect male. Only one trait is all a man needs to get non stop pussy.
Richard sure is not hurting for pussy, he must have a huge dick because he is one ugly motherfucker!
by cpetkunas June 14, 2019
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