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The transition of a person from childhood to adulthood. The maturation of a person. When one becomes an adult.
Little Karen is no longer little, she is coming of age.
by cpetkunas July 06, 2020

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An annoying question asked usually by women to their significant other after they have been given an answer already to a preceding question.
Woman: Honey?
Man: Yes dear?
Woman: Did you take out the trash?
Man: Yes honey I did.
Woman: Are you sure?
Man: (grumbles to himself annoyed "fucking bitch, I just told her I did!")
by cpetkunas June 19, 2019

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Taking a shit before leaving home in the morning to go anywhere is the best thing one can do for oneself and a courtesy to others. You have your private time to make shit noises and stink up the bathroom without subjecting others in public. Once this morning ritual is done one can go on with their day in confidence.
I destroyed the bathroom when I took my morning dump!
by cpetkunas May 26, 2019

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Overly used phrase when a simple "thank you" will suffice. It's improper grammar is popular over the proper grammar "thank you very much".
Thank you so much for not saying thank you so much to me.
by cpetkunas February 28, 2019

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A guy that doesn't really go to the gym to workout but to stare at or chicks. He basically fucks them with his eyes. He uses the mirrors so it's not so obvious.
He also tries to make conversation and pick up on them when they're clearly not interested.
Monica ew, there's that gym creep again that stares at my ass when I workout.
by cpetkunas March 01, 2019

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A phrase that means when a man that is either very good looking or has a big dick or has a lot of money who has no problem getting laid. These three traits are usually never all possessed at the same time otherwise this would make him the perfect male. Only one trait is all a man needs to get non stop pussy.
Richard sure is not hurting for pussy, he must have a huge dick because he is one ugly motherfucker!
by cpetkunas June 14, 2019

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When someone smells up a bathroom so bad from taking a shit it makes other people gag when they enter.
I wouldn't go in there. Who ever it was took a really smelly dump and destroyed the bathroom!
by cpetkunas April 20, 2019

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