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Taking a shit before leaving home in the morning to go anywhere is the best thing one can do for oneself and a courtesy to others. You have your private time to make shit noises and stink up the bathroom without subjecting others in public. Once this morning ritual is done one can go on with their day in confidence.
by cpetkunas May 26, 2019
In addition to something that has already been done.
I made Becky cum again for good measure since I was leaving for a business trip.
by cpetkunas December 25, 2019
When you go to the clinic and have to have your nuts checked for work. A periodic check, evaluation for competence to work. Checking if you have a hernia. During the nut check, the doctor puts two fingers on your scrotum, tells you to turn your head and cough. If you don't have pain doing this, you have passed the nut check!
Alfred: Hey Billy, how was your nut check at the clinic?
Billy: It was great! I throughly enjoyed it!
by cpetkunas August 17, 2021
What you say to yourself when you see someone driving with their headlights off at night.

These people seem to not have a clue that the street in front of them is dark. The most likely causes of this idiocy are car gauges are automatically illuminated even with the headlight switch off making one think that their lights are on...or one thinks they have their switch on auto headlights when it is not.
Turn your lights on you idiot before you kill someone!!
by cpetkunas June 13, 2019
Referring to someone that has no intelligence. No common sense. Someone who is just dumb, as rocks have no intelligence.
Neil: Dude you gotta check out this new car I got!!
Bob: What kind of car did you get??
Neil: A black one, it's awesome.
Bob: (thinks to himself; "this dude is dumb as rocks.")
by cpetkunas July 1, 2020
The question that is asked when someone is seeking a yes but gets a no in response.

The "no" in response actually means a yes from the recipient of the question. I never use this question when I ask for a request because usually the response I get is a yes when I know they don't mind when the correct response should've been no.
This question can also be a cause for confusion in response when answered in the opposite way as said above.
All in all we know what the person is meaning to respond to this question.
Man1: Do you mind if I fuck your wife?
Man2: No!!!
Man1: No you don't mind or no you don't

want me to fuck your wife?
Man2: (scratches his head confused)
Man1: It's ok pal I knew what you meant.

Besides, I wouldn't fuck your wife

with your dick.
by cpetkunas March 4, 2019
When someone smells up a bathroom so bad from taking a shit it makes other people gag when they enter.
I wouldn't go in there. Who ever it was took a really smelly dump and destroyed the bathroom!
by cpetkunas April 20, 2019