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Taking a shit before leaving home in the morning to go anywhere is the best thing one can do for oneself and a courtesy to others. You have your private time to make shit noises and stink up the bathroom without subjecting others in public. Once this morning ritual is done one can go on with their day in confidence.
by cpetkunas May 26, 2019
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In addition to something that has already been done.
I made Becky cum again for good measure since I was leaving for a business trip.
by cpetkunas December 25, 2019
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When you go to the clinic and have to have your nuts checked for work. A periodic check, evaluation for competence to work. Checking if you have a hernia. During the nut check, the doctor puts two fingers on your scrotum, tells you to turn your head and cough. If you don't have pain doing this, you have passed the nut check!
Alfred: Hey Billy, how was your nut check at the clinic?
Billy: It was great! I throughly enjoyed it!
by cpetkunas August 17, 2021
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A phrase that means when a man that is either very good looking or has a big dick or has a lot of money who has no problem getting laid. These three traits are usually never all possessed at the same time otherwise this would make him the perfect male. Only one trait is all a man needs to get non stop pussy.
Richard sure is not hurting for pussy, he must have a huge dick because he is one ugly motherfucker!
by cpetkunas June 14, 2019
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In shooting a gun or anything for that matter, someone who reliably hits the target.
Bob is a master at billiards, he's a sure shot every time.
by cpetkunas August 13, 2020
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Back in the day before the internet, want ads were what people posted in the local newspaper. Ads people paid to post looking for work, looking for a roommate, dating or selling their belongings.
Back in 1985 I posted in the want ads in my local newspaper SWM(single white male) looking for a hot SWF(single white female) for a good time. Call Rico suave 213-867-5309. You won't be disappointed!!
by cpetkunas February 23, 2023
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What you say to yourself when you see someone driving with their headlights off at night.

These people seem to not have a clue that the street in front of them is dark. The most likely causes of this idiocy are car gauges are automatically illuminated even with the headlight switch off making one think that their lights are on...or one thinks they have their switch on auto headlights when it is not.
Turn your lights on you idiot before you kill someone!!
by cpetkunas June 13, 2019
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