twisted realization of the chronic faults of society. this may result in you hating your life, the world and/or the lives of other people (Republicans, etc.)
I just had a major experience of evil pedestrianism... North Korea about to fuck us up!!!

People need ID to get ID... smfh @ this evil pedestrianism.
by Feorged Orman June 16, 2009
Some retard who runs in front of your car while your driving, because they've decided they don't want to wait an extra 3 seconds for you to go by.
John: I nearly hit this stupid stunt pedestrian, good thing I slowed down.

Andrew: I would have just kept going.

See stunt driver.
by Double Quarter Pounder Meal September 18, 2009
To follow closely behind someone, as to better cut through a large crowd, or avoid a situation where you would rather not be noticed.
I did some pedestrian drafting behind a tall guy at the party last night, so my ex wouldn't see me.
by jaysonphoto February 20, 2016
A person who shows no regard for pedestrian crossing etiquette, these people will walk out in front of cars regardless of a red light and if a driver honks in annoyance they will often oblige by offering an offensive hand gesture.
After braking harshly so as to not hit a man walking through a red light I honk in annoyance.
He turns round and flips me off making me wish I hadn't braked but instead floored it and made him into passata,
leaving me thinking "I fucking hate militant pedestrians."
by creasicle May 29, 2010
n. Extreme anger toward motorists, similar to road rage. To express anger toward motorists while walking.
She had a major case of pedestrian rage.
by Laila Matar October 6, 2005
If pedestrians are seen while you are driving you will yell the amount of pedestrians seen, followed by the words pedestrian points as to say however many pedestrians you hit, you will gain ten pedestrian points each.
“A man, his mom, and their daughter. 30 pedestrian points!”
by Mestupberryz38 December 15, 2018
The dance one performs when crossing a busy street but isn't sure how fast the oncoming traffic is going and doesn't know if it's okay to cross.
Usually performed while either in a hurry, on the phone, listening to an iPod, or texting.
While texting on her blackberry, Janice did the pedestrian shuffle when she suddenly realized she was walking into a busy street.
by Drew.B February 12, 2009