If you ask yourself this question then you're not.
by NormalRandomPeople October 5, 2021
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Normal is taken many different ways,in socializing it means to fit in. To not stand out but blend in. In other ways it means to be alright, okay, the usual.
In another sense it's used to describe onself and others, mostly it is used to judge
Everything here looks normal go back to what you were doing
by thinking of summer June 27, 2015
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What is normal if everyone is different?
Therefore normal doesn’t really exist.

but now normal is someone that fits in correctly in order to please society
Person1 did u know that he’s gay?
Person2 yeah it’s normal.
by Alex nelligan July 6, 2018
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Located in the middle of corn land Illinois, home of the red birds of ISU as well as a large and extremely intrusive police force. At the school you will find lots of greenery! The town is known for the mandatory minimum and the laddies. Everything else is normal.
Normal police are at it again.

Yo let's hit up the bars at down town Normal

Does this look Normal?- Nah, you should get that checked out.
by MerckSauce27 May 2, 2011
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The definition of normal may seem to be obvious and completely understood, but oh to the contrary. This houshold ordinary boring word has been given new life by one binge drinking alcoholic of Franklin VA. Such uses as "I am normal" or "How normal are you" are popping up every where throughout the asshole of courtland to describe the 'level of intoxication' for an individual. Although I feel the new definition of the word 'normal' is fuckin retarded, may all pinnacle (grey goose) drinkin mofos across region have fun asking each other dumb ass questions like "how normal are we getting."
Drunkyard 1: Hey T, how normal are you?

T: Pretty normal.

Drunkyard 1 (ten seconds later): Hey T, how normalll are we??

T: I guess pretty normal.

Drunkyard 1 (56 seconds later): Lets take shots and get normal.

And this pattern continues untill guy 1 gets too drunk to say the word normal.
by MikeBrownsnumber3fan January 29, 2008
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To have all the qualities of the majority of people in your group, culture, or the world. The common and expected adjectives of a person and there attitude that barely define who they are as an individual.
its normal to be that way (alot of people are), thats normal, there's nothing normal about that (cause its unusual which is an antonym to normal)
by Megan Mc December 5, 2007
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Normality is a way to identify with other people in a way that makes the so called "normal" or "common", even average, way of being. This normality is quick to enroot a cynical thought to those who think about what is the true definition of "normal" in these days, and people who stand out in the crowd are starting to define a new kind of normality called "abnormalism" or "freak-show".

Normality was once being an upstanding member of society when now it englobes a whole new spectrum of beings, from tatooed freaks to whiny teenagers, or even the other way around, as being a slacker is now conformity or normality.
Anbormality is normal.

1)John didn't want to use his sneakers to go to work. Instead he applied blonde hair spray and went to his job shirtless and wearing flip-flops.

2)That guy with a lazy eye and a watermelon tied to a chain is very normal for these days.
by ChaoticNeutral February 8, 2011
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