Used in online games, mostly FPS, exclaiming that another player(s) knew, in other words, are cheating.
Player 1 was killed by Player 2.

Player 1: Knew!

Player 2: rofl
by oooooof April 21, 2007
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That certain class of broadcast (irrespective of medium) which purports to be true and complete information but has been manipulated, filtered and censored by corporations, government agencies and any other parties wealthy or influential enough to access corporate media decision makers. Knews usually advertises itself using slogans that suggest very strongly that its presenters and content can be "trusted" or that the viewer can make his own decision about what he will see.

Knews is one of the main products of a governmedia and differentiated from infotainment in that it is focused on national, international or political events rather than celebrities, sports or other trivial pursuits. Knews (pronounced: `k-news) represents itself as "news" but has a diluted basis in reality (if any). If the producers of knews haven't totally fabricated its content, they have distorted the meaning of real events until the final product is more closely representative of propaganda.
There was a delay at the airport, the knews said it was due to something linked to Al Qaeda but I know better.
by Shandooga McGluckfeez January 31, 2008
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When you knew what something meant but forgot
Sarah- “what’s the capital of England”

Gary- “Ahh damn I was knewing that last week I don’t anymore”
by 12wagwan12piffting13 June 30, 2020
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Another ghetto way of saying I already knew or I've known for quite a while
"I 've been fucking John"
"Bitch I 've been knew"
by Stellathedon February 12, 2016
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When one feels ashamed of what they thought they knew.
Person A: wow it's so weird that we have 7 planets when we only live on 1.

Person B: um there's 8 planets O.o

Person A: oh yeah, I knew that :D
by Coffeecakes March 24, 2014
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An expression to be used in a sarcastic manner to denote something that is considered to be obvious.
A survey revealed that over 50% of the people using Twitter are vacuous, celebrity-stalking fucktards. Who knew?
by swa110w February 9, 2009
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What to yell out when something you were hoping didn’t happen that you were expecting to happen did end up happening.
Me leaving my friend’s house: I feel like I forgot something.
Me: *Sees my phone is not in my bag*.
Me: I KNEW IT!!!
by Dray’s Dictionary February 22, 2021
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