A person who can navigate sidewalks, crosswalks and other public areas with an ease, grace and agility that render them more efficient than other pedestrians.

Someone who applies logic and foresight when partaking in public area travelling on foot.
No one knows how to walk on a sidewalk in San Francisco. The city has a very low Superior pedestrian population.

"-Wow, you really worked your way through that crowd, you must be quite the superior pedestrian."
by snc January 1, 2013
The law of physics which dictates that a slow pedestrian who is about to be overtaken by a fast pedestrian will suddenly and without warning swerve into the path of the fast pedestrian as if they are attracted to each other by real gravity. The slower pedestrian is usually oblivious to their surroundings and is quite dumb. The effect of Pedestrian Gravity increases exponentially with speed, with near or actual accidents occuring at high rates of speed.
I was hustling home along a busy sidewalk to take a dump but I didn't account for Pedestrian Gravity. This oblivious moron swerved right into my path and I bumped into her. We both fell over and I almost crapped my pants.
by McCreators October 11, 2011
The pedestrian crosswalk is when two people are having sex and a third party person walks over or on the backs of the people during intercourse.

This position is best done outside in the streets.

It is believed homeless people invented this sexual position. Either them, or a group of drunk frat boys.
John and Jane had no money for a hotel room so they had sex in the middle of a busy sidewalk and ending up doing it pedestrian crosswalk style.
by Editor Man March 31, 2008
When you get a window seat at brunch and drink whenever a pedestrian passes until you can't count them anymore.
No, I can't drive home. We totally pedestrian counted at brunch and I'm totally wasted.
by steviemo November 29, 2012
An awkward situation in which two pedestrians, who are on a collision course with each other, are repeatedly unsuccessful in averting one another. As one person moves to their right, the other person moves to their left and vice versa. Each time they attempt a new maneuver, the frustrated pedestrians find themselves confronted by their counterpart. To the casual observer, these two people may appear to be dancing, but in reality, they both just want to get on with their lives.

These encounters are far less common in Europe – especially in Germany, where the government enforces pedestrian decorum through a stringent "bear right" policy. Pedestrian face-offs have been known to last upwards of ten seconds.
Randy: I just had a pedestrian face-off that lasted a good 15 seconds. In the end, we came to the mutual agreement that both of us should step to our right.
Dina: Wow, 15 seconds?! That's gotta be a world record or something.
by The Raging Bull July 29, 2005
Slang term for a follower of the Jewish faith.
Will Henderson is definitely a red sea pedestrian. Watch him light the menourah.
by Clay April 30, 2003
This happens a lot to Americans who come on holiday in Australia, because we drive on the left and walk on the left of the footpath (sidewalk). Our first reaction is to dodge left when Americans' is to dodge right.
Local: "I just had a pedestrian face-off with another stupid yank."

Returned ex-pat: "They're not stupid, mate, they're just different."

Local: "Well, they fully talk stupid!"
by Luke O'Dwyer September 2, 2005