1. Meaning, "to smoke crack" in present tense; 2. To refer to another's actions in an extreme manner (can be used in either negative or positive connotation).
Fred: Hey, how come Bill always manages to get a 50 killstreak on Modern Warfare 2?

Jim: Dude, I don't know. I think he's smoking crack.


Jason: Hey, is Mark coming over to smoke some happy grass with us tonight?

Ted: No, he said he's staying home tonight and smoking crack instead.
by Skanderbeg89 March 6, 2010
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an expression used to show:
1. anger at someone or something
2. frustration
3. excitement
4. disbelief
1. "Shut up....SMOKE CRACK!"
2. "*drops something* Gah! Smoke crack!"
3. "Smokecracksmokecrack I CAN'T WAIT!"
4. "Smoke crack....No wayyy...."
by yentirb_VODKA December 6, 2008
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Can be a variation of things starting with:
having sex
smoking pot
or just something general about what you did/have done
Average Joe 1: "What are you doing?"
Average Joe 2: "Smoking crack and worshiping Satan"
Average Joe 1: "Sweet can I join?"
by DJ21 April 20, 2008
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Acting like a complete idiot. Presumably "the blue crack" is Drain-O Crystals. "Have you been smoking the blue crack?" is thus analogous to "Have you been drinking turpentine?"

Note that this usage pre-dates the use of "blue crack" as slang for Tylenol PM.
"A customer asked me today if I could see her computer screen through the phone. I asked her if she was smoking the blue crack."
by luvcraft2 May 22, 2009
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Expression exclaimed out of frustration or elation. It also may be used as a derogatory adjective or noun, such as: "Hey Guerry, you crack-smokin', juju bean eatin' booboo!"
Hey Guerry, you crack smoking juju bean eating booboo.
by PHiSH September 15, 2014
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Something, that is very, very obviously bad and/or illegal
"If you cross that line into private property, you're going to jail."
"And smoking crack is bad."
by reddipsauce April 13, 2023
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