The act of getting a jump on a long line of traffic in a parking lot because some reckless pedestrian has decided to walk out in front of a car. Most beneficial when needing a left turn.
Driver: "Whoa! That fat lady almost got clipped by that Pinto."

Passenger: "Yeah, but that tub-of-lard cut off those other ten cars. Left turn please."

Driver: "Saved by the Pedestrian Pick!"
by cjavysanchez13 April 20, 2011
*whispers* alternate name for skin walker. Saying “skin walker” aloud is said to bring unwanted attention from the entities. Using “flesh pedestrian” allows you to discuss the entities without risking attack.
My sister and I saw a flesh pedestrian while driving at night through the desert. I was so scared it would follow us!
by Niree1978 February 2, 2021
1. something in your way 2. something irrelevant 3. potential road kill awakening speed bump
Florida pedestrians are irrelevant until after you hit one.
by Cresson Stafford March 21, 2007
An elusive being who rejects all ideological viewpoints out of hand in favor of taking a cosmic perspective. Often found trolling liberal website message boards.
We were commiserating about how taxes aren't high enough on the rich when Space Pedestrian came along and stoned us to our souls.
by dillbagger August 7, 2010
The points you would obtain for hitting pedestrians with your car. Different people are worth different points depending on the hilarity or horribleness of their being targeted. (But usually both).
Dude, go for that woman with the stroller. If you get them both it's 25 pedestrian points!

Stupid bikers need to stay out of the road! They're not even worth the points you get for taking them out.
by maskedshoo July 6, 2010
The swelling anger you feel when you're trying to shop in a hurry and that stupid biotch and her six kids are slowly meandering down the aisle and won't get the fuck out of your way. This feeling is further exacerbated during the holidays.
Damn I caught a serious case of pedestrian rage when I was trying to pick up my Valium at the Walmart pharmacy during my lunch hour and Miss Piggy and her piglets were blocking the whole snack aisle. I asked that bitch to move twice!
by MissPeeps70 December 4, 2017