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A hydrocarbon-based, flammable, highly-polluting liquid formed as a result of millions of years of decaying sediment composed of dead microscopic animals. This fossil fuel is the lifeblood of our Industrial civilization, and for as long as it can be cheaply extracted, we are hopelessly dependent upon it for transportation, agriculture, electricity, fashion, chemicals, fertilizers, cosmetics, plastics, medical, and technological needs.

Unfortunately for us, the geologists, analysts, mathematicians, and former oil-company employees have all repeatedly come up with proof that our oil supply will be almost gone by the end of the 21st century, and that oil production will peak within a few years from now, if it hasn't already sone so.
After it peaks the oil will then become more expensive to extract than to use. And immediately after that, prices will soar, businesses will shut down, people will panic like animals, economies will collapse, wars will break out, blood will soak the ground, and billions of people will die horrible deaths as our species shrinks back to the population of the 1700s, or even that of Medieval times.

All because of that cursed, smelly brown muck that was once found oozing from the round.
Our religious belief that our oil supply is infinite will be the death of billions of us when Nature eventually forces us to see how wrong we are. Too bad we STILL haven't advanced our alternative fuel sources to prepare for that inevitable day when the last drop of cheap oil can be extracted.
by sarcastic March 03, 2004
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This is what the Bush Administration first called the war in Iraq... that is until they realized what it spelled.
MR. FLEISCHER: Good afternoon. Let me give you a report on the President's day. The President this morning has spoken with three foreign leaders. He began with Prime Minister Blair, where the two discussed the ongoing aspects of Operation Iraqi liberation.
by Wonkajava April 25, 2004
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Also used as another name for drank or syrup(a codine/promithezene mixture in liquid form, originating in H-town). This is because of the thickness of the drank and the thickness of oil, hence they are used in comparison.
1.Say, you got any dat good oil?
by ? October 22, 2003
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Slang term for promethazine w/ codeine cough syrup in Houston, Texas.

Syn) Drank, Lean Barr
Hook me up with some of that oil man, i gonna go get leaned on that syrup
by Andy Dandy March 31, 2005
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A versatile substance that is composed of thousands of compounds, including polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs. Can be purchased with money or the murdered souls of +3000 American lives and/or 500,000 Iraqi children.
Dick Cheney pours oil on his breakfast cereal instead of milk.
by Pigeon McNugget October 08, 2003
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Something we apparently don't have enough of so we must go to war!
By 2050 it will all be depleted. Or with George Bush it could be next year!
by awex January 06, 2004
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A very good looking man. Mostly used within male conversation to point out a good looking man, in a manly fashion (as if to point out competition). Often has a very good sense of fashion and more often than not is jacked/ripped. When describing an oil, one can be referred to as 'oily'.
I was crucifying my guns in the gym the other day, when this colossal oil walked in, just pulling birds with his stare.

Oi chief, oil at 12 o'clock. We may have trouble slamming these birds.
by The Shifty Trader April 30, 2010
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