if we are talking about united states of america, 3rd world is anywhere between louisiana and alabama
where even the federal and FEMA didn't want to come help
the 3rd world of america
by netlock July 30, 2006
blood and crips joined togetha
blood: ay mayne, r u blood or crip?
3rd world: dawg, im 3rd world, i rep all dem gangs
by *LD Tha Don*(H.N.I.C) October 20, 2006
When someone is dressed like a scum bag or like white trash, they are dressed "3rd world".
Dude, you look so 3rd world.
by jack burton October 10, 2004
"How them niggas Bloodn & Crippn at the same time? How a Blood and a Crip on the same team?"
"Boy they 3rd World relax"
by 223fiend June 18, 2021
a really skinny guy who is so skinny his underlying muscles on his stomach make him apear asif he has a proper 6 pack.
dude, that kid is so skinny, i bet he has a 6 pack.
by Jack G. May 27, 2005
A sarcastic descriptive phrase about a developing country that is dull and uneventful.
Come visit me in Kosovo, it's 3rd-World Disney World!
by Megabear November 29, 2010