219 definitions by Jordan

A word used to insult those who are so incredably uncool as to ressemble a tree made of dick.
Asian: "Yaow, I got A++ this assignment with barely even try! Time to play laptop with my exchange parents! ^^ "

White d00d: "Shut the fuck up dicktree!"
by Jordan September 29, 2004
Of three Coolest atheist, by far the second coolest. Followed by Soapy, and in the lead Anagnos.
by Jordan April 15, 2003
The object, or document to which an OG requires in order to measure up to a YG. For an OG, this oject is very rare.Infrequently occurring; uncommon: a rare event; a document that is rare in this region of the OG.
Excellent; extraordinary: a rare sense of honor.
Thin in density: rarefied: rare air.
PO, Quote, Big Deal, Large Op, Bid, rfp, rfq, etc.
by Jordan March 15, 2005
a word for beer or other alcoholic beverages but usuially beer.
I've had a few pops tonight.
by Jordan January 1, 2005
best fast food product known to man. Consists of shredded iceberg lettuce and cups of mayonase. Proctor and Wall of Styrofoam love kcf shredders.
by Jordan December 8, 2003
Alternative to the F-bomb, created by Jeremiah Walsh to counter the excessive use of other alternatives.
What the snup?
Snup you!
by Jordan February 28, 2005
abbreviation for "what the fuck and shit." also see wtf.
she had sex with your mom? wtfas!?
by Jordan March 7, 2004