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when andrew lavodie gets high and thinks hes a turtle with supper powers
go into medturt mode now go in your shell
by Jordan October 10, 2004
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A word used to insult those who are so incredably uncool as to ressemble a tree made of dick.
Asian: "Yaow, I got A++ this assignment with barely even try! Time to play laptop with my exchange parents! ^^ "

White d00d: "Shut the fuck up dicktree!"
by Jordan September 29, 2004
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Adjective used to describe something very lame, worn out, un-fun, or boring.
1. That shit is fucking beat.
2. Beat. (used instead of "that's gay"or similar phrase)
by Jordan April 22, 2004
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A person whom you like to make fun of. See petrified turd. See also aunt jamima
Why are you looking at Bogg?
by Jordan January 9, 2004
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