n. The country that epic sax guy is from.
John: I'm going to Moldova!
Billy: Do you think you'll meet empic sax guy?
John: It's 2018, this is a dead meme
by datsacow November 4, 2018
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Or Republic of Moldova, a land between Romania and Ukraine. A very small country in Eastern Europe, that officially holds 4 million people. The country used to be part of Romania, but Romania had to give it up to Russia at the end of WW2. Unfortunately, its government is still largely lead by communists, who managed to bring its situation down to despair. Its culture is strong, a hybrid of Romanian and Russian. Official language is Romanian, or a hybrid of Romanian with Russian words, but Russian is also largely still used. Most inhabitants speak both Romanian and Russian, or even some only Russian. Ethnically, the communists took a lot of Romanians out of the country and sent them to Siberia to die, and brought in Russians and Ukrainians to occupy the land. They are mixed(slav/latin). Moldova is known for their magnificent wine and for the Bucuria factory, which make high quality candy, which has been awarded as good as Swiss chocolate. And all of it is Bio. The whole prostitution and trafficking thing, I will not start bashing on them for it, because most of those women are lied to and lured into it without their knowledge, or only told half truths, and then forced into it. Making fun of someone's drama is utterly disgusting, immature, insensitive and stupid. Not to mention retarded and ignorant. And no, it's not the MAJORITY of Moldovan women who go into prostitution! And, also, the country is blessed with many gifted people, especially artists.
Hey, what country are you going to in Eastern Europe?
I'm going to Moldova.
by GiaFox April 26, 2011
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Moldova is a country in Eastern Europe, located between Romanian and Ukraine. It was a part of Romania until it was annexed to the USSR as a consequence of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939. The language spoken in Moldova is Romanian, and the majority of population is of Romanian ethnicity. In spite of the communist denationalization and brainwashing, a lot of people from Moldova know their true origins and history and still didn't give up on the thought of uniting with Romania. People from Moldova hope that the situation will get better here and they will have a chance to aproach the European values and standards when they will have a new democratical government.
I visited Moldova last year.
by Daniellaa July 18, 2009
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Moldova is a Republic in eastern Eurpoe, landlocked between Ukraine and Romainia. It's now one of the poorest countries in the former USSR. Moldova can be used to express rural poverty.
"That poor girl from outta town has nothing at all, it's like she's from Moldova."
by Brian Jones August 7, 2005
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There are 2 Moldova's:
1. There is a country in Europe called Moldova (Moldavia) - used to be a part of USSR, excellent high-tech and automotive industries, with great climate (similar to Bordeaux), highly educated workforce, who loved drinking local wine (Bordeaux-style). The nationalists with the help of NATO have started a civil war, broke away from the USSR in 1989, and drastically curtailed the use of Russian language. This resulted in all manufacturing shutting down and most educated people leaving the country for Russia, Europe, Israel or North America.

Moldova now is the least visited country in Europe, with pockets of agriculture still functioning, but having trouble finding external markets due to heavy protectionism within West Europe.

2. Moldova is also a province within Romania
This girl from Moldova looks cool.
by Alex1965 May 29, 2019
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East European country, located between Romania and Ukraine. Used to be a part of Romania, then of the USSR. Gained independence in 1991, although the logical step would be the reunification with Romania.
Kind and nice people, smart youth, gaining international scholarships, investing in the country. Moldova is poor, but not for long (or so we hope).
Moldovan and Romanian are one language. ignorant people tend to think differently...
There is however one retarded living in Moldova - Luluta...who is a highly fuckable and stupid person.
Romanian - duce
Moldovan - duci, duse, dusi

Romanian - ce ma enervezi
Moldovan - si ma enervezi
by Ingeras April 15, 2008
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The "Gothic nation"!
Just like England was called the "Skinhead nation", because there were many skinheads, Moldova can be called the "Gothic nation", and not because there's many goths here, but because people tend to suffer on the inside like goths usually do, and because Moldova's got the biggest graveyard in Europe called "Doina cemetery", not to mention there's many squatts and ruined buildings...
It's also my home country, and i'll break any Romanian or Russian's neck if they shit-talk about my country!
A: Do you know why Moldova's the gothic nation?
B: Yeah, because it's people are very depressed and that they've set the record on mortality!
by pseudo-british January 4, 2009
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