Something Canada has plenty of. With over 2 trillion barrels of oil and about 300 billion barrels of which are recoverable in the Alberta Tar Sands, Canada now has the largest oil reserve in the world. At our current rate of global consumption- we consume about 75 million barrels of oil per day. With about 1.3 trillion barrels of known oil reserves in the world that consumption rate leaves us with about 40 years worth of gas guzzlin' pleasure.
Can you say fucked beyond comprehensible belief?
by Jordan October 11, 2004
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A brown substance that is quickly being depleted.

It can be pronounced as "oy-ull" or "oll" depending on the region.
by Sir Demonosapien June 03, 2009
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The thing that Bush is after. The only thing that keeps Bush from demolishing Iraq.
Bush is after Iraqi oil
by Anti-Bush May 23, 2003
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Old Ill and Loaded

A young attractive woman will look for an Old ill and rich man to marry just before he dies in order to get her hands on the cash.
Shes looking for a man in OIL
by Rob Mayor January 07, 2007
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1-See any of these other fine enteries, Webster's or another dictionary of your choice (make sure to purchase the "unabridged" version for hours of wordsmithing fun!)

O-peration I-raqi L-iberation
Changed to "Operation Iraqi Freedom" after someone realized what it spelt.
Thus giving more incentive to name your documents and plans in a PATRIOT act manner; so to say, think up the abbreviation before the name it's self.
Oil that is, black gold.

And now we take you to the latest updates of Operation Iraqi Liberation with our senoir corrispondant, Ted Bucking. Ted?
by Jester November 11, 2004
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