A verb indicating an action whereby someone looks out for their own interest regardless of the consequences, and then later if it becomes an issue either disappears or changes the subject (usually by banging the war drum so loud that nothing else can be heard)
When Tom asked Suzy about the warts on her pussy, she Dick Cheneyed him and started talking about how bad she wanted him.

His oil contacts with Iraq were Dick Cheneyed as soon as the administration decided a war would make people forget they didn't have jobs.
by Matt July 25, 2003
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A fat bastard who stayed alive just to fuck the world through his idiot adopted son, George W. Bush.
I am a dickhead. I am Dick Cheney the undead.
by Finney July 3, 2003
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Dick Cheney

(np. Richard Bruce Cheney b.1941-)
(aka Darth Vader. Frankenstein’s monster, the penguin, Jaba The Hut.)

1) 46th ‘Vice’ President of the United States, and former Secretary of Defense. Puppetmaster to the early 21st century military Junta George W. Bush. (see Blackadder III and Prince George IV.)
2) (Disney origin) Jafar. The evil Vizir (advisor) to the brainless Sultan, in the Disney cartoon Aladdin.
2) Jabba the Hut (see Empire of Evil)
3) The fat, corrupt guy in the famous Humphrey Bogart movie Cassablanca, sometimes credited as Sydney Greenstreet.

-(Harry Potter): A Goblin. A morose, sullen individual who lives in a vault or bunker, and is obsessed with money.

-(Ref. H.G. Welles’ The Time Machine) A Morlock. (ie-a hideous, albino creature who dreads daylight, and lives underground to operate the machines that provide for the spoiled and child-like Eloi (See George W Bush).

v. to give somebody a Dick Cheney.
1) (v. sexual slang) To unintentionally ejaculate in a woman’s face. (ie- to accidentally ‘shoot’ somebody in the face. To get drunk, shoot somebody in the face, and then eat dinner.) A slang term for ejaculating in somebody’s face, formerly known as a pearl necklace.

v. to pull a Dick Cheney.
2) to escape or defer from an unpleasant responsibility by hiding in college for an extended period of time. To escape the national service draft in a time of war by spending eight years in a four year college degree program. (See Karl Rove. See chickenhawk.)

3) To publicly miscarry justice by ostensibly taking a Supreme Court Judge on a duck hunting trip, and then threatening to blow his face off if he doesn't vote to keep the identities of your corrupt business cronies a secret. (See Ned Beatty and Deliverance}.)

-to escape or defer an unpleasant responsibility by knocking up a woman.
"Bill Clinton is famous for giving Monica Lewinsky a dick cheney so spectacularly messy that Congress felt he should be impeached for it."

“My rich grandfather established a trust fund for me, where I’d get $50 000 a year while I attended college. So, I pulled a dick cheney, and flunked my senior year exams 16 years in a row.”
by parisofpriam March 14, 2006
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Woman in passenger seat of car: Honey... Is that Dick Cheney over there?

Man driving car: Roll up the windows, dear.
by McShane September 21, 2009
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The "Vice" President of The United States. Former CEO of Haliburton. Did $23.8 million of business with Iraq before becoming "Vice" President and proceeding to attack Iraq over nonexistant Weapons of Mass Destruction.
by NGX August 22, 2003
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Quite possibly the most famously evil man alive. Can't help but be repetitive; I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one a bit scared by the man.

Need I even mention that along with his other evil little buddies (cough, Donald Rumsfeld, *COUGH*), he's used Bush as his puppet for us to suffer 9/11, invade Iraq, lose lives in Hurricane Katrina, hold back from acknowledging global warming until this year (WTF?), not ratify Kyoto Protocol, create tax cuts that benefit the rich over the poor, and essentially rape the Fourth Amendment? And violently harass the first, ninth, and tenth amendments, too?
Kinda reminds me of Darth Vader. Maybe it's mean, but - Dick Cheney has chest complications in a region where blood pumping is usually centralized through a HEART... Darth Vader has no heart... EVIL...

Dude, who the fuck else can shoot someone and have the victim apologize? That's fucking Obeah magic there! I ain't messin' with that dude, he's on some other shit!
by Angelina Harvoux March 28, 2007
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The man calling the shots underground while he is kept alive by 10 million dollars worth of machines (paid for by the taxpayers) for the sole purpose of screwing over the world.
Dick Cheney is an evil genius who only looks out for Dick Cheney.
by Dems_Rule February 26, 2004
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