The soberest of competitions -- when one man challenges another to get drunk on o'douls.
I challenge you to an o'douls.
by goatlove November 10, 2012
jonny and his 15 friends got shlacked off of one sip of o'douls
by fucka February 11, 2005
the beverage of choice for squares and queers.
Ameet Biatch loves drinkin that zima and chasing with o'douls.. He's a real biatch!
by jimmi marlee May 22, 2008
1. The most dastardly, bastardish, dennis the mennis, diabollically evil oaf of a man you could ever imagine

2. When you get tricked into doing something you really don't want to do.
Is that guy wearing a hitler stache?

-Yeah it's fine, its just o'douls

Oh my god, I can't believe I got O'douls ed last night.

-She was pretty ugly.... But no one can resist the wink
by Delt1 June 1, 2010
The most pointless beverage in the world: a non-alcoholic beer. If you're gonna drink fucking beer, take it like a man. O'Doul's actually has 0.5% alcohol, so if you can down about 100 you might feel a little buzz.
Jimmy drank 100 O'Doul's and was hospitalized for a water overdose...completely sober.
by Nick D November 11, 2003
A girl who is so ugly she is a .5 out of 10 on the rating scale.
"look at that haggard chick!"
" ya man, she's an o'doul"
by Curtis M March 22, 2008
One screams "O'Douls!" when family members or relatives say sexually inappropiate comments to each other. This stems from the joke, "Going down on your cousin is like drinking O'Douls. It tastes the same but you know something ain't right."
When a male cousin says to his attractive female cousin, "Oh, I'll give you a pearl necklace." One's response should be "O'Douls!!!"
by P.M.F.L. February 1, 2009