The letter fucking o. Are you that bored?
Or you just smashed your keyboard but only a o cane out?
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Something someone says when they're too lazy to type "Oh".
Person 1: Sorry man I can't go to your birthday.
Person 2: O
by DylanPaterson July 7, 2019
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A philosophical revelation that can only be felt and not expressed by any other word than O because it also happens to be a circle. It is the realisation of the entirety of the universe and existence that comes in form so breath-takingly simple it is almost always followed by the audible utterance, "Oh!" Symptoms include, fear, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, and a loss of all ambition, drive and desire including the desire to live. Can also be symptomatic of peace, joy, contentment and renewed desire to live life to it's fullest finally understanding that it is finite yet infinite, both and neither, and that the wave function didn't collapse it just pretended to because it thought that was what we wanted. It is different yet the same as enlightenment, it's like enlightenment X, edgier and more dangerous, scientific yet mystical, and just a little bit crazy.
That Radiohead video "Just"..... poor man.

"What is it?"
"I can't tell you."
by GBodhisattva July 11, 2009
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The term O is a more blunt abbreviation for the word oh, it is commonly used when you realise something.
Sam: Hey Louis ask me who Joe is.
Louis: Who is Joe?
Sam: J o e m a m a.
Louis: My mum isnโ€™t called Joe.
Sam: It was a funkununkuning joke you big racist bitch.
Louis: O
Tony stark: I buried my own son today.
Obama: Should I jack off?
Long cat: Iโ€™m stuff.
Kowalski: Analysis.
by Comrade420 February 17, 2020
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Literally, it's one stupid letter why are you looking this up? Did you think there was gonna be some sexual reference with a bunch of curse words for something so simple? It's just O
by an idiot defines... April 30, 2019
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An exclaim of disbelief, most commonly used when a Test or homework is announced in class.
Teacher: Ok guys, so this is going to be homework tonight.

Me: O
by Louisswagu September 20, 2019
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